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Car wash dryer - Learn more about the AquaDri®

Efficient design — consistent results

Regardless of which rollover system you select, choose from a wide variety of dryer configurations to match your available space, budget and desired results.

AquaDri: precision engineering for optimal results.

Blowers adjust to obtain the best nozzle angles for pushing water to the edges of the roof and down the sides of the car. Static on-board configurations move back and forth over the car after the wash is completed, while the contouring version profiles closely to the car during this process. For longer bays our freestanding configurations dry while the driver is exiting, allowing the next car to enter the bay simultaneously and increasing throughput.


See our high performance blower designs in action at one of our thousands of sites. They are proven to impress. Our dryers are specifically engineered to efficiently shed water from the vehicle, and include many configurations to dry the car just how you want it. 


  • 20 and 30 HP on-board static dryers.
  • 15 HP energy saving on-board contouring dryer.
  • 30, 40 and 60 HP freestanding dryers.

Freestanding Dryers

AquaDri FS-Series dryers are designed to thoroughly shed water from the vehicle after washing. Producer positions are adjustable to obtain the best nozzle angles toward the car for the ultimate dry.

Available in 30/40/50/60 HP configurations to match your needs. 

On-Board Static Dryers

AquaDri E-Series dryers are designed to move back and forth over a stationary vehicle while each nozzle automatically adjusts to the direction of travel to push water off the top and down the sides.

Available in 30/40 HP configurations to match your needs

On-Board Contouring Dryer

Exclusively designed for Mark VII rollovers, the AquaDri C-15 contouring dryer is integrated into the gantry. Two 7.5 HP motors produce high velocity air (over 140 MPH at the nozzle) through an array of nozzles that distribute air across the car.