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Car wash equipment and ancillary products

Support Equipment for Your Mark VII
Commercial Car Wash.

While your Mark VII machine is certainly the star, it is only one part of the total picture when it comes to commercial car wash equipment. An array of ancillary equipment and commercial car wash supplies are required to turn out clean, dry and shiny cars. We partner with industry-leading ancillary product manufacturers to offer a complete solution for your car wash business.

Options available

  • Entry/payment systems – we provide systems for c-store and gas market operators that facilitate credit card or wash code payment. These systems can also deliver customizable promotions and video advertisements while handling coupons and loyalty accounts.
  • Bay doors – customizablestainless-steel doors stand up to any weather conditions.
  • Air compressors – with a range of speeds and noise cancellation, these compressors allow you to deliver an optimally dry vehicle.
  • Water softeners – commercial car wash water softeners will manage calcium carbonate, the primary contributor to water hardness.
  • RO/spot-free rinse systems – RO water reduces surface tension beyond that of softened water, providing a rinse that leaves nothing behind.
  • Water recycling systems – our systems reclaim, filter, deodorize and return used water to your system, saving water and reducing water and sewer bills.
  • Bay heating systems –protect your wash against freezing with a durable, reliable bay heating system. The systems we offer are designed to perform consistently under tough car wash conditions and maximize energy efficiency.
  • Merchandising signage – promote every aspect of your commercial car wash through attention-getting marketing messages placed strategically throughout your wash and other retail areas.
  • Vacuum cleaner systems – we provide a variety of commercial vacuums for car washes, including single vacuums, air units and central vacuum systems.
  • Mat cleaner systems – we offer systems that utilize fresh water, a proprietary cleaning solution, a specialized textured brush and a patented drying technique to completely revitalize and deep clean vehicle floor mats.
  • Change machines – money distributor that makes the wash more convenient for the customer.
  • Canopies – provide the ultimate in comfort and shade for self-service washes.
  • Trash bins – we even source these often overlooked but necessary items.