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The ultimate profit center.

Your carwash should be a great source of profit, never headaches. You already have a lot to manage as a gas station owner, so let us take the worry out of carwash planning, installation, marketing and maintenance.

Maybe you’re thinking about adding carwash equipment at your c-store. It’s a great choice if you want to:

1. Generate an additional income stream. Snacks and fuel are the basis of your business, but adding a 24-hour profit center means more consistent income. An automatic car wash also offers the potential for higher profit margins across your business.

2. Attract new customers. People want to get things done fast, so convenience is key. If you want more customers in your store, offer a “one-stop shop” with an express carwash.

3. Simplify solutions. Whilemany in-bay automatics and smaller tunnels take a back seat to the c-store, they shouldn’t. If you own an automatic car wash with your c-store, focusing on the quality of the wash and maintenance of the site pays. We’ll show you how.

What about short-bay tunnels?

Since we’re in the convenience store industry, we understand you have enough to keep track of already. We can guide you from start to finish, whether you want to install a new system or maximize your existing carwash.

Short-bay tunnels are a big trend in the c-store market. Maybe you’re wondering if you can run the tunnel without hiring extra employees. Yes, but there’s always the risk of people running into the wash or damaging their vehicle.

Our short-bay tunnels are easy to operate and user friendly, meaning they are designed to be un-manned. In addition, our tunnels are all customizable, so we can design them to fit small bays, like the kind you find at c-stores. All this means higher throughput—and more profit potential—for you.

Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers

Finding the right partner is the key to getting the most from your carwash system. Our German-engineered, American-made car wash equipment is designed for durability and dependable operation. This equipment is also supported by our responsive, highly-trained factory service team.

From day one, we focus on the unique needs of your store. We evaluate a long list of factors—from geography and weather to demographics and vehicle types—to help you select the right carwash system. In addition to our in-bay automatic systems, we offer self-serve washes and customizable tunnel systems.

For retailers, the Mark VII Advantage means:

  • Innovation, engineering and support from the world’s leading carwash manufacturer
  • A full lineup of carwash options, including tunnel washes
  • Professional, company-trained service technicians
  • Complete after-sales support, including service, chemical programs and marketing
  • Machine customization options to fit your store’s color scheme and logo

Taking a holistic approach in the convenience story industry isn’t just about car wash equipment—it’s about helping your carwash business thrive. From design and installation to marketing and service, let us minimize your concerns and help maximize your profit margins.

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