1962 Birth of the car wash industry
The first car wash, the WESUMAT I, also nicknamed the "carousel", is invented in Augsburg by Messrs Weigele and Sulzberger.
1963 The first three-brush gantry car wash
Kleindienst invents a car wash with minimal space requirements: The first electrically powered three-brush gantry car wash – an absolute sensation.
1966 Mark VII founded
Originally called "A-CO", owner Harry Matthews distributed self-serve car wash equipment in Colorado, USA.
1976 The Super-Polish Combi from Kleindienst
Kleindienst presents the first car washing that also specifically cleans the wheels.
1987 The soft wash from Wesumat
The new soft wash generation is advertised as the perfect interaction of chemicals, high pressure and brush wash, of product design and process technology.
Mark VII introduced the first touchless gantry system in North America.
1994 Mark VII Merchandiser MVP
Mark VII's second generation touch-free system featured backlit icons for each cycle during the wash program. Customers loved the show!
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1994 the C 45 from California Rohé
Reduced energy consumption and high cost-efficiency – these were the fundamental aspects under which California Rohé developed its C 45 gantry car wash. It also impressed users with its space-saving design, reduced noise emissions and high washing capacity.
1998 the CK 30 from California Kleindienst
"Top-class quality at low cost" – was the motto under which California Kleindienst advertised its new CK 30 gantry car wash in 1998. In spite of its unusually compact dimensions, the new car wash featured sophisticated technology in every detail.
1999 Mark VII AquaJet
Mark VII continued innovating with the first contour-following touchless system.
2002 Introduction of the Softcare generation
SoftCare Pro sees the market launch of WashTec's first gantry car wash. It combines individual design with cutting-edge technology.
2006 WashTec acquires Mark VII
WashTec expanded into North America by buying a market leader with 40 years of car wash innovation experience.
2008 Mark VII XT series
Mark VII launched a new rollover lineup: SoftWash XT soft-touch, AquaJet XT touch-free, and ChoiceWash XT combination system.
2012 The Softcare² Pro Touchless
Leveraging Mark VII's turbo technology, WashTec introduces a touch-free option on the SoftCare² system for Europe - allowing customers to choose touchless, soft-touch or combination wash programs.
2014 The SoftCare Pro Classic Race
The Premium Express program including ShineTecs has a new record time of only six minutes.
2016 Expansion of AUWA Facilities
AUWA-Chemie invested almost 6 million euros in the expansion of production in Grebenau, creating many new jobs in the region.