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Mark VII Equipment Inc.


5981 Tennyson St

Arvada, Colorado 80003 USA

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WTMVII Cleaning Technologies Canada, Inc.

5035 North Service Road, Unit D11-13

Burlington, Ontario L7L 5V2, Canada

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Tunnel Systems

Tailored solutions
for every site.

Intelligently designed tunnel solutions to satisfy any requirement whether it be a 50' mini tunnel to a fully loaded Express tunnel we can provide the solution to optimize your throughput and your profits.

Mark VII Tunnel Systems

Our tunnel systems are designed to fit every operator's need whether you are a retail operator, convenience store, or car dealer. We know every site has its own specific requirements for a conveyor tunnel system - like required space, throughput or equipment type. Mark VII's modular concept is designed with you in mind. After all, a clean car doesn't need to be complicated. 

SoftLine Tunnel:

Highly Configurable. Built for volume.

Increase your throughput and minimize costs with the SoftLine1 tunnel. This tunnel is easy to operate with a user-friendly interface which is compatible with multiple types of conveyors, chemical dosing systems, and entry systems. This robust machine is made of stainless steel to eliminate shakes and corrosion. All controls and motor function are electric, so you can say goodbye to expensive and dangerous hydraulic leaks. 

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SoftLine Drive-Thru:

Designed with the Dealer Fleet in mind.

The Softline Drive-Thru is an efficient, robust, and easy-to-maintain machine. This machine is built to last with over 5,500 lbs of power and stability. So, if you're a car dealer, rental facility, or service center looking to increase customer satisfaction while minimizing costs, you've come to the right place.

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Softline2 Tunnel 

Tailored solutions for every site. 

Meet the carwash that actually washes and dries a car thoroughly, even at high throughput. Better yet, the SoftLine2 can be customized based on respective site conditions and washing potential for optimal performance. This system can be configured to meet the high demands of your customers in terms of wash quality, throughput, ease of use and design.

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