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A Handy Car Wash Maintenance Checklist

Your car wash should be at its best, so why not treat it as such? While periodic maintenance is important, there are ways to keep your machines at their peak performance that you can do daily or weekly yourself! Here are some quick items to check up on your machines:

  • Clean up the surrounding area and signage of your car wash! It provides a great first impression to your customers and helps avoid any damage to cars or property.
  • Perform a test wash at least 30 minutes before you open or when possible, doing so will help determine any leaks, helps lube up the brushes, and notifies you of any other potential issues before a customer must.
  • Perform another wash with a vehicle and inspect if soap, water pressure, and brushes are working and optimized to your liking. This is also a great time to make note of anything that may need to be further looked into.
  • Check up on the pay stations and make sure they are working properly, stocked up on receipt paper and free from any dirt or debris.
  • Make sure your signage is correct, properly working if lighted, up to date and easy to read.
  • Clean your car wash and property a couple of hours before closing.
  • Audit any nozzles to see if they are worn out.
  • Look into items you noted in the morning. Schedule maintenance if needed or order stock.
  • Regrease any areas or equipment that may need it.

These minor maintenance items can go a long way for your operation. While routine maintenance is still important and highly recommended, these preventative maintenance measures can help your car wash quality at its peak and customer satisfaction high.

Mark VII has factory-trained field service professionals to keep your equipment operating at peak performance and your chemicals calibrated to deliver high quality cleaning results to every customer. To learn more about our service plans, click here.

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