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Benefits of Automated Car Washes

For car wash owners and operators, simplifying the car wash experience is important for customers and to maximize revenue. Customers demand car washes to provide a seamless and exceptional experience. With an in-bay automatic, customers and car wash owner and operators will enjoy a flexible car wash system.

Open 24/7/365

First and foremost, in-bay automatics have the benefit of being 24/7. Customers who may work night shift or not be able to have their car washed during the daytime hours will appreciate this. Owners can rely on a consistent revenue-generating machine that’s even open on holidays. For convenience store owners, these machines can provide a “one-stop shop” solution for customers as well!


With in-bay automatics, you can pick a car wash machine to fit you and your customer’s needs. With a touch-free car wash such as a the AquaJet XT®, customers will experience a touchless car wash. With turbo nozzles, the high-pressure wash will remove dirt and grime for a clean car. Soft-touch car wash machines, like the SoftWash XT®, have foam brushes that gently clean your car and provide a polished finish. Hybrid car washes provide the best of both worlds! With the ChoiceWash XT®, customers can choose their preferred car wash, whether that’s touchless or soft-touch, and even a combination option that gives customers a premium option. All of our in-bay automatics also use less water than other leading competitors, meaning you also save money on water costs and increase your bottom line.


Car wash owners will enjoy the convenience of an in-bay automatic. These machines can be unmanned so there is no need for a staff to operate the machine. They are also cost-efficient. In-bay automatics are relatively inexpensive to install and run (you can also save even more money on water cost with the Mark VII AquaPur™). The convenience factor can help you maximize your profit and invest more to your business.

With the benefits of in-bay automatic car washes, car wash owners can rest assured that these machines are a good investment for owners who need the most out of their car wash business. Want to learn more about these machines? Contact us here!