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Car Washing in the Fall

Fall is finally here! With leaves changing and the movement to winter coming, it also comes with a slow period for car washes. For car wash operators, there is some hope!

Tips for Car Wash Operators

Fall is typically a slow season for car washes. In some regions, snow can happen during the fall months, which can bring in extra revenue during this period. It is suggested that customers still wash their cars during the autumn months. For regions that are slow or during slow times, we recommend tuning up and maintaining your car wash before the busy winter months. Mark VII is more than happy to help you get ready with our car wash services!

Car Washing During Fall Months

Weather during the autumn unpredictable thanks to snow and the last remnants of hurricane season. For customers, it is still necessary to keep your car clean during this time! With days getting shorter, customers would be dealing with glare and reducing visibility. With clean windows (thanks to car washing), customers would have improved visibility. With more precipitation, including snow, coming to many cities, residue and falling leaves will be rampant and make your car wash dirty or even bring mold! Our chemicals program can help with removing residue and make cars cleaner and shinier.

Fall Car Care Tips

For your customers, even some preventative measures can help them keep their cars clean. Clear off any debris in the car that can cause mold. With cold weather, top off with anti-freeze and other items to help combat the winter. With the interior, vacuum and clean the interior of the car as well! Vacuums are valuable add-ons for your car wash and bring in extra revenue.

As fall is a transitionary period for many regions in the US, it also brings many opportunities as a car wash operators. Mark VII is here for you for every step of the way. Want to know more? Contact us here.


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