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Cleaning with a Touch-Free Car Wash

Customers can get picky with a car wash machine touching their vehicle. As customers tend to have preference, car wash owners and operators must decide on what machine they would want. For owners who need a touch-free solution, the AquaJet XT® is our solution for a touch-free clean!

With our touch-free solution, our turbo nozzles remove dirt and grime that were loosened by presoak chemicals. Touch-free car washes rely on chemical precision for the best possible wash. For consumers, it is also inexpensive compared to a soft-touch or hybrid wash. Like with any automatic car wash service, consumers will also save time and water than doing it manually.

For owners, the AquaJet XT® can be put to work 24/7/365. This benefit gives owners a revenue generating machine that is accessible by customers any time of day. For convenience store owners, the AquaJet XT® is the perfect complement for a one stop shop solution. There’s also less worry for customer’s cars getting damaged. As there are no soft-touch brushes touching the vehicle, customers and owners can worry less about damage claims to the vehicles. With simpler operations, owners can benefit from less maintenance thanks to less moving parts. For preventative maintenance and for help to maximize your machine, our service team is ready to help.

The AquaJet XT® gantry’s high pressure cleaning process provides precision control. With the turbo nozzles in the AquaJet XT®, the nozzles provide higher impingement than v-jet nozzles used by other systems. The turbo nozzles thoroughly remove dirt and grime loosened by the presoak chemicals. With the HyperTilt system, the top boom rotates to maximize cleaning on the front and rear of the vehicle. To top it off, the AquaJet XT® uses less water and chemicals than other touchless systems.

Want to learn more about the AquaJet XT®? Learn more by contacting us!