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Codlin Crescent Pioneer elevated business

For a convenience store, you want your customers to enjoy a one-stop shop experience. When Codlin Crescent Pioneer in Etobicoke, Canada decided to add a car wash to their business, they went with the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT®, our top of the line rollover.

By adding a car wash into their convenience store, it allows the business to become a one-stop shop experience. The car wash would bring customers in who otherwise wouldn’t have come in and may come in to buy items from the convenience store or even fill up their tank. “There’s lots of opportunities for cross-merchandising,” Tim Hickton, Business Development Manager for Western Canada, said.

Codlin Crescent Pioneer provides gas pumps, a convenience store, and even a Tim Horton’s inside the convenience store! By adding the car wash, they wanted to provide an extra service to the customers. “We chose the Mark VII [ChoiceWash XT®] because we had a good experience from them,” Wahia Hideny, owner and operator of Pioneer Codlin said. Hideny emphasized the fact the main reason is due to having Mark VII machines in other locations and were satisfied with the product.

Another major reason to have a car wash in her convenience store is ease of access. “For example, if a customer is coming to get gas and see the car wash they get happy,” Hideny said. Customers will go in and get their car clean before or after pumping gas. “It’s a good idea,” as she smiles finishing her statement.

With the ChoiceWash XT®, your customers have a choice with their wash. As a hybrid rollover, customers can choose between a soft-touch, touch-free or even a premium hybrid wash! Thanks to the patented SofTec foam, cars will be cleaned safely and gently while polishing vehicles to shine like new.

Mark VII is here to make your convenience store the ultimate profit center. We can help with planning, installing, marketing and maintaining your car wash. Our variety of car wash machines (including tunnels) can help c-store operators with their needs. Our innovation and expertise as the world’s leading car wash manufacturer will benefit your business!