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First Choice Car Wash’s automatic cleaning

First Choice Car Wash is a family-owned business in Traverse City, Michigan. As an automatic car wash thanks to our in-bay rollovers, they are open 24 hours a day. Despite inheriting a an AquaJet XT® and then installing a ChoiceWash XT®, their satisfaction with Mark VII and the wash quality exceeded expectations.

“Mark VII says it all, ‘we clean cars’,” Marc Anderson, co-owner of First Choice Car Wash, said. Due to having an empty bay, they had no hesitation installing the ChoiceWash XT®. Anderson is proud of using Mark VII’s in-bay rollovers. “People are always telling us how great our machines is,” Anderson says highlighting customer satisfaction he has received. He also mentions that there has been virtually no downtime and no complaints at all.

Anderson strives to have the cleanest car wash in the area, even if they look clean, they still clean the bays. “We want your car to come to places already cleaned, and when the car leaves it’s as clean, or cleaner”, Anderson exclaimed. Their business just wants to offer clean!

The AquaJet XT® sets the standard for touchless cleaning. While most touchless systems sacrifice cleaning quality, the AquaJet XT® does not thanks to the built in turbo nozzles. These turbo nozzles thoroughly remove dirt and grime that were loosened by presoak chemicals. All that clean is sustainable too, with using as little as 23 gallons of water.

With the ChoiceWash XT®, customers can pick their wash format! Whether it is a soft-touch or touch-free wash, they are in control. This machine combines two machines into one, which also includes a hybrid wash as the most premium option for customers. Learn more about these machine by contacting us!