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How to Prepare Your Car Wash for Extreme Weather

Preparing Your Car Wash for Severe Weather

Depending on where your car wash is located, it can be prone to weather events such as winter storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. While these events can be rare, preparing your machines and car wash business can help mitigate damage when severe weather occurs. Here are some tips to protect your car wash for a few severe weather events.


Hurricanes bring strong wind and rain that can cause flooding. While all hurricanes should be treated as severe, anything category 3 or higher will bring the most life-threatening and damage. To help mitigate damage, check the following1:

  • Clean your property and outdoor area of any debris
  • Secure any outdoor items such as vacuums and trash cans
  • Ensure bay doors are securely closed to prevent them from being blown out

Protecting from the possibility of strong winds and flooding is important in the case of a hurricane. After a hurricane, inspect your property to note any damage, if any.

Winter Storms

Winter has its share of severe weather. Between snowstorms, blizzards, ice storms and hard freezes, these events can cause damage to equipment if not well-protected. Before the winter season starts or before a winter storm event starts, ensure that your car wash heating equipment and insulation are working properly to avoid any freezes or damage to your equipment. If your car wash is open during a winter storm or a hard freeze, make sure employees are protected and well-insulated. After a winter weather event, clear out your property of snow and ice to avoid any slips from employees or vehicles from losing control2.


Mostly common east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Appalachian Mountains, tornadoes are unpredictable. About an average of 1,000 tornadoes are reported each year with varying degrees of damage and it is uncertain how long a tornado lasts once it makes landfall. While damage is a certainty if you are in the path of a tornado, there are steps to mitigate damages:

  • Reinforce vulnerable areas of the car wash bays, building, and roof
  • Trim trees and other shrubberies to avoid debris
  • Secure any outdoor items to avoid them going airborne

After a tornado subsides, check and note any damages that may have occurred.

Mark VII can also assist you to prepare for severe weather. We offer two tiers of service plans, advanced and on-demand service plans. Our service technicians can help you with any preventive measures on your car wash machine. Learn more about our service options here.

Mark VII Equipment also offers an array of ancillary products, such as customizable, stainless-steel bay doors that stand up to any weather condition, bay heating systems to prevent your wash from freezing while maintaining energy efficiency, canopies, and more.

Severe weather comes when you least expect it. With a recovery plan and the tips above for a few weather events, you can help mitigate damage for your car wash business and employees. Mark VII Equipment is your partner for every aspect of your car wash business, contact us today to learn more.