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Staying Competitive in the Car Wash Industry

Long-time car wash business owners understand that it takes hard work and dedication to stay ahead of the competition. However, figuring out where to concentrate your time and effort can be a challenge. It can seem like an uphill battle in the face of nearby up-and-coming sites that utilize tools like subscription services. Taking your business to the next level is all about staying ahead of the game and by reading this blog post and following the recommended strategies, you’re one step closer to standing out from the crowd and achieving your goals.

What Makes Your Car Wash Business Unique

In a world where everything can blend in consumers’ minds, it’s essential to emphasize what sets your operation apart. Chances are that the area around your business has changed since you first opened. Possibly, there is now a quicker route to the highway nearby or maybe there is a new shopping center that opened in the area. You do not want potential customers to gloss over your business due to it blending into the environment.

Every business is unique and yours is no exception. Finding your business’s strengths and opportunities is crucial to taking your business to the next level. If your operation offers things like hand washing or detailing, you may already be sticking out to customers who prefer those options. The next step is to display those unique features in a way that can attract and keep your target customers.

Giving Your Car Wash a Refresh

Now that you have found your unique selling proposition you need to present your business as fresh and exciting. This is where you can have some fun with how you want your business to be perceived. Consider changing the style of your company’s logo or even name to something simple and modern that emphasizes the uniqueness of your brand. Even your current customers could appreciate the new look and feel!

Nowadays if consumers can’t find your business online, it’s like you don’t exist. If you don’t have any already, now would be a great time to set up social media accounts for your business. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but many companies are able to run their accounts entirely off their phones and it’s free! You can easily upload pictures and video of your business from the palm of your hand and many customers appreciate a more personal look and feel on social media.

Another strategy that many established sites are using to level up their business is by reloading their car wash equipment. This is arguably the one thing that your customers will care about the most. If they perceive your equipment as outdated, dirty or even dysfunctional it’s time to change things up. Luckily, we at Mark VII make it easy to find what equipment would be best for your facility. Many of our options are also highly customizable so they can fit your needs. For example, our ChoiceWash XT® can be equipped with our FoamTecs® foam curtain that presents a multi-color LED light show to wow your customers.

The Importance of the Car Wash Customer Experience

Once you have your new company image in place it’s time to maintain that image. This last step requires constant attention, but your customers will thank you for it. Being in the business of cleaning cars creates an expectation of cleanliness in all aspects of your business. The environment that customers expect is one that is just as shiny as their clean cars. Make sure that any employees you have are adhering to regular cleaning schedules to ensure that your building is as pristine as the washed cars.

As an employer, it's crucial to stress the importance of providing top-notch customer service to your employees. Even if they don't interact with customers frequently, they should always present themselves in a manner that reflects the business's values. This will enhance your company's reputation and encourage repeat business. A customer loyalty program can help you track repeat customers and incentivize them to keep coming back. This could be a more manageable alternative to subscription services.

The last box to check in the overall car wash customer experience is customer feedback. Customers should be able to easily provide feedback to either your employees or another contact method for you to continuously improve your operations. Having an open stream of communication also helps to make your customers feel like you’re taking their input seriously and can set you apart from the competition. Ensure there is contact information to reach you, or your employees clearly labeled at your location.

To remain competitive in the thriving car wash industry, it's essential to start delving into ways to enhance your business today. It's important to be open to change and to approach things with a "continuous improvement" mindset. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your operations are effective for many years to come.

If you’re looking for additional ways for your car wash business to stand out amongst your competition, Mark VII is here to help! Contact us today!