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Keeping Your Car Wash Business Safe

Safety for employees should be a top priority for many car wash owners and operators. Keeping your car wash clear of any hazard and providing safety gear to your employees will help keep your car wash running and lessen expenses. These tips can help you audit or implement safety precautions at your car wash:

  • Train your staff on how to use the equipment properly before letting them which ensures customer and employee safety.
  • Make sure employees keep out of the way of moving vehicles and be vigilant of the vehicles.
  • Watch for any slip hazards. Employees can wear slip-resistant shoes to avoid any slip and falls. Working at a steady pace and using caution can help avoid any slips or falls.
  • Chemicals should be properly labelled and have SDS for each chemicals. Wear proper personal protective equipment when handing chemicals.
  • Keep electrical equipment away from damp or wet areas, unless it is designed for that situation. Stand on a nonconductive mat or platform when handling machinery.
  • Perform frequent housekeeping to clean any areas employees will frequent. This will help avoid any falls or any build up of wax, oil, debris, or other chemicals
  • Keep cool during hot weather days. Make sure employees are able to keep cool and drink water. For areas with lots of heat sources, provide warning signs and proper equipment in case they need to be serviced.

Employees are the core of a car wash business. Keeping them safe is important for the success of them and the business. Periodically refresh your team of safety procedures. Audit your equipment on a regular basis as well as your safety guidelines. These safety tips are a great starting point for your car wash or to implement in your existing guidelines.

Mark VII Equipment is your partner for every aspect of your business. Not only for state-of-the-art car wash equipment - but also for servicechemicalsancillary products, site planning, marketing, financing and management support. Contact us today to learn more.

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