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Preparing Your Car Wash for Summer

Depending on where you live, summer can influence car wash demand. With that in mind, it's a perfect time to get your machines tuned up or if your car wash does see some demand, here are some items to look into to help customers with some summer annoyances as well as boost your business during busy months.

Tough to clean cars

Once the snow clears out and the sun is coming out, salt put on the roads starts seeping out. As it seeps out, it will start sticking to cars. For customers who choose to go for a touch-free wash, removing the magnesium chloride can be a hassle and leave unsatisfactory wash results . To help clean out salt, call your service technician to calibrate your car wash chemicals to help remove salt from the car.

Dry better in humid conditions

In states with humid conditions, summer months can bring some of the highest humidity of the year. This can also affect your car wash drying effectiveness. As there is more moisture in the air, water will stick to the car even more. Alleviate this by adding wax or drying agent to improve water beading when drying.

Removing bugs on cars

Bugs are more prevalent during the summer months. If you live in an area where there is a high presence of bugs, opt for bug remover chemicals. These chemicals remove bugs and bug residues from the vehicle during the wash process that your usual chemicals may not be tough enough to break down.

Take time for any repairs or refurbishments

During the slower periods of the year or summer (depending on where your car wash is located), take the time to audit your car wash machine. Look for any repairs that may be needed or ways to refurbish your machine. Our service team can help you repair and get the most out of your investment. If you want to upgrade your machine, we can help evaluate your needs! You can contact us here.

For a car wash operator, summers can be a perfect time to go through your business and evaluate any needs before the season starts or for long term benefits if you live in a state with a slower season. These tips can help you give a better wash for your customers and better outlook for your business.