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Suds N Shine & Mark VII

Suds N Shine and Mark VII

“At the end of the day, we want our customers to have a good carwash experience. Working with Mark VII and their team has been a huge help in achieving that goal while improving our business!” - Dan Schiermeyer, Suds N Shine Co-Owner.

Suds N Shine is a carwash in the Lake Norman area, North Carolina. Dan Schiermeyer and his team strive to provide their customers with a good carwash experience. Working with Mark VII has helped Dan do this and more, allowing Suds N Shine to offer the best products and services. 


From residential to commercial real estate: Dan’s backstory 

Dan started his entrepreneurial journey with residential rentals in Charlotte, NC. As his interest in real estate grew, his brother, Ben Schiermeyer, came to Dan with an idea: buying a carwash.

Though never doing anything commercially, Dan did his research as his interest in owning a carwash grew, talking to carwash owners and learning how they operate. Finally, Dan and Ben partnered and bought an existing carwash business, Suds N’ Shine, in September 2020. The brother duo recognized significant opportunities for improvement and growth within the company, wanting to capitalize on its possibilities. 

Suds N Shine: the best carwash in the Lake Norman area

Suds N Shine’s exclusive services include:

  • Self-service carwashes - remaining popular and continually being a go-to for some customers, this service includes five self-service bays, vacuums, and air dryers. 
  • In-bay automatic carwashes - including touch-free, soft-touch, or combo washes. Membership service options, like self-service time for the top-tier packages, are also available.
  • An unlimited carwash package option - with EverWash, customers can get unlimited carwashes at one low monthly price.
  • Fresh bagged ice is also available from their ice vending machines.  

Suds N Shine has grown over the last few years. Working with Mark VII, Dan and his Suds N Shine team have upgraded and maintained their equipment to the highest standard.

Suds N Shine and Mark VII

Dan wanted to add high-quality products and services to Suds N Shine. Initially, he was looking to incorporate air dryers into their self-services. He connected with Brandon Burk, US Director of Distribution at Mark VII. Dan soon learned about Mark VII’s water savings goals and discovered how the two organization’s services connected. Dan also knew of other Mark VII services in the area.

Ultimately, Dan knew working with Mark VII would take their carwash to the next level. From the beginning, Brandon and the Mark VII team have been an invaluable resource and significant connection for Suds N Shine. 

A good experience with Mark VII

Dan and his team have had a good experience with Mark VII. For example, using Mark VII’s Choice Wash XT rollover system, Suds N Shine and their customers experience both a soft-touch and touch-free carwash. 

Dan says, “We have many customers who love the membership service and the new wash because it does a much better cleaning job.” 

Yet it’s not just the efficient, high-quality equipment that Dan’s team and his customers enjoy, but Mark VII’s customer service as well. The entire equipment purchasing and installment process was prompt and smooth. Installs only took one week, whereas other carwashes in the area might be down for a month during upgrades. And each time Suds N Shine needed a technician to come by to diagnose a problem, Mark VII was quick to respond.  

Customer service is a top priority for Dan and his team at Suds N Shine. Investing in their carwash business by working with Mark VII ensures their carwash functions well, and their customers ultimately have a good carwash experience. 

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