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The Mark VII Difference – ChoiceWash XT and C-Stores

For convenience store owners, finding efficiency and ways to increase revenue can be a challenge. Losing revenue should not be one of them. With Mark VII’s ChoiceWash XT Hybrid Rollover, increasing revenue is a feature of the ChoiceWash XT (and our other machines) compared to the competition.

Your car wash should not be draining money. As a “one-stop shop” for customers, every aspect should be profit-generating. A car wash losing revenue can be frustrating, and with added costs, other aspects of your convenience store would be sustaining the unsustainable.

With the Mark VII difference, our team is there every step of the way. Our salesperson will discuss and learn about your business and provide you with a recommendation. After our service team installs and makes sure everything is working and calibrated to your liking. We care about building personal relationships and success to our customers. Your salesperson will check in periodically to see how your car wash business is doing.

In one case, one of our salesperson visited a convenience store who had a competitor’s machine and his revenue was down. On the first visit, they spoke with the c-store owner and asked about their business while surveying and evaluating the area. After selling and setting up with a ChoiceWash XT, the salesperson would check in with the customer for 7 months. During that time, the machine was already saving the c-store owner over $10,000 and was on track to save over $18,000 in the first year.

With the ChoiceWash XT, customers can choose a soft-touch, touch-free, or a combination. No matter what they choose, they know they will get a quality wash! In previous scenario, the salesperson asked the c-store owner and noticed that over half of the purchases were for top wash packages, bringing in profits from the car wash!

With Mark VII, our team and expertise are here for you. With our innovative machines and as a leader in the industry, your car wash business will bring in profit and success! Use our Car Wash Calculator to figure out how much you could be saving with a Mark VII.