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Corporate identity: How to differentiate yourself from other car wash operators

Do you as a car wash operator need a corporate identity? You will be amazed at how much a carefully designed, unique identity and thus the sharpened profile of your company can bring it into the focus of public perception.

What does a corporate identity consist of?

A corporate identity has several components: On the one hand, there is the corporate design, i.e. a specific colour scheme and an unmistakable logo or lettering. This design should run like a common thread through the entire company: flags, posters, company sign, business cards, letterheads, website and also promotional gifts can carry it and thus provide recognition value. If you provide your employees with workwear, it should also have the appropriate colour, logo and/or lettering.

In addition to corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour are also part of the overall identity package. This is the desired type of communication and attitude in the company, both amongst each other and towards the customers.

How to find the right corporate identity

In order to establish the identity you aspire to, the first step is to define the corporate mission. What do you want to convey, how do you want to be remembered? Do you rely on conservative values because you know that your customers prefer them? Or would you like to remain as original and exciting a topic of conversation as possible, because you are primarily targeting young customers? The other three points depend on this.

The right corporate design makes a lot of difference

Once you have defined your main target group (and, of course, taken the local conditions into account), you can create a design or discuss your ideas with a graphic designer and entrust the task to them. Please keep in mind that there may be many larger coloured areas or eye-catchers when it comes to colour scheme. A giant pink sign and employees in jackets of the same colour may not look professional to more conservative customers. If, on the other hand, you want to set yourself apart from the competition as much as possible and attract young people in particular, a bright colour scheme can be the right choice. However, blue is generally more associated with water and washing than pink.

If you tend towards a young, rather funky image, you can, for example, have a clearly visible wall of your car wash decorated by professional graffiti artists featuring a car in the process of being washed – with bright colours and lots of foam. Such a picture stays in your mind and can look great when it is sprayed professionally.

The customer is king

There are several types of communication that you can give your employees as a guideline. Whether they speak casually and informally or politely and conventionally with the customers, is entirely up to you. But there is one thing that you should always remember – courtesy is always the number one priority. Customers should have a positive feeling after interacting with your employees, which they don't have when they are addressed half-heartedly. The same applies to corporate behaviour. Professional, courteous staff ensures customer satisfaction, disinterested and unhelpful employees bring complaints or cause customers to switch to another car wash.

Summary: Individuality in moderation

A suitable corporate identity can help you to stand out from your competitors. You make a better impression with a one-stop shop that has a recognisable profile than with a random appearance without a plan. However, you should be aware that a sharper profile will also provoke stronger reactions. Where some are enthusiastic, others may be appalled. Accordingly, you should opt for a corporate identity that is popular with the majority of your customers. When it comes to the communication and conduct of your employees, the basic tone should always be polite, helpful and obliging, regardless of the changeable tone. Anything else is only harmful to your business.