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Four things that should not be missing from your car wash's website

You have a fantastic car wash station and a website full of information? Great, now you have to make this attractive. Your website should include four things to achieve this.

1. Show the visitors to your website your fantastic station

A picture is worth more than 1000 words. Pictures of the car wash can be inviting to customers. Giving visitors to the site a glimpse into your clean, high-quality car wash will make a great first impression. Videos are particularly convincing. Drive through your car wash and film the wash process with a steady hand.

You should definitely incorporate the design of your station when designing the website! Do so by adapting the colors and logo. Include pictures of your employees if they are okay with it. A friendly face that not only welcomes car wash customers on the website, but also down at the car wash, inspires confidence and ensures loyal customers.

2. Transparency creates trust

In addition to the pictures and videos, facts about your car wash are the most important thing for your web presence. Provide visitors all the information that may interest them. For example, list all the washing programs you offer, and explain the differences between them in a way they will easily understand. Explain which programs are suitable for whom and in which situations, and make specific recommendations. This makes customers feel much safer, because they can study the programs in peace at home even before the first car wash. The greatest possible transparency is ensured by exact prices for the individual washes. The opening times of your car wash should be visible at first glance.

3. Discount promotions are inviting

Through the website, you can give visitors a first impression of your station and encourage them to use the car wash. Take advantage of their curiosity by offering car wash promotions via the website. For example, you can offer coupon-based online prices to persuade visitors on the website to actually come to your station. Special promotions such as three car washes for the price of two are also popular. If someone has come to your car wash three times and has been able to see the good quality wash, they will come back.

Seasonal promotions can persuade users to visit your station ("at the beginning of the holidays", "until January", etc.). There are no limits here. 

4. SEO – let Google find you

The topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important so that your website can be found online. The aim is to optimize the content of the website so that it appears among the first positions in the unpaid search engine rankings on Google. For example, if a potential car wash customer searches for the keywords "Car wash (your local city)", your station should be displayed among the first ten results - very few people bother looking at the second page of the rankings on search engines.

You can achieve a good positioning of your website in the rankings if you consider the following points when creating it. SEO agencies will provide you with a careful analysis and a strategy adapted to your website, but for an initial overview, these points will help you:

  • Security certificate: a website with an SSL certificate is a sign that only secure content is displayed. SSL encryption should also be considered with regard to SEO.
  • Optimize loading times: Make sure your website is easy to access and does not take too long to fully display all content.
  • Optimize for mobile: Every motorist is a potential car wash user, who, when they are on the road and are looking for a car wash, should be able to find your station. For this purpose, your website needs to be optimized for smartphone use.
  • Layout of the website: Make it easier for the search engine to rate your content by optimizing headings, title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Relevant content: Last but not least, the content of your website is very important. The content must provide added value to the user..

Learn more about how to get customers interested in your car wash online in our article “How to attract more customers online to your car wash”.