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How to use the internet to attract more customers to your car wash

The time spent online has risen sharply in recent years, and the trend continues. Take advantage of this fact and strengthen your online presence!

Use Google Ads to make sure you can be found easily 

Do you already have a website where you can present interesting information and promotions to your customers and potential car wash customers? Perfect. In this case, our post "Four things that should not be missing from your car wash website" could be of interest to you. However, if your online activity does not go beyond the website, you're losing out on valuable potential. Advertise your station through Google Ads! These ads will catch potential customers browsing, and your website will appear below the results of the search for car wash stations. With Google Ads, you can achieve extensive exposure with a small budget. Naturally, your budget will be different depending on whether your car wash is in a small town or a big city, but nevertheless it is usually worth advertising. All you need is a Google AdWords account to manage the account. Google will provide you with many tips to help you create an account and create ads. The ads are not displayed arbitrarily, but can be controlled very precisely by you. For example, you can specify the target group by gender or age and set the radius at which your ad should be published.

Always talked about thanks to social media accounts

The website and the right online advertising for your car wash station are ideally complemented by a suitable social media account. As a rule, Facebook and Instagram are good solutions for the content of a car wash operator. Facebook allows you to share a colorful mix of posts, photos and videos with your community – your car wash customers! Instagram lets you publish pictures and videos. When choosing your social media account, keep in mind that it only lives from content and activity. It is not enough to create an account and publish something from time to time. Post photos and information about promotions or interesting things on a regular basis. A small community of people who wash their cars will most likely develop. They will not only provide you with sales but also honest reviews. You do not have much time to properly manage your account and make your own posts? Then take a look at the channels of the car wash manufacturers. Many provide content for operators that you can easily use and share. Or ask your community to send their own snapshots of them washing their cars at your facility. You will be surprised just how high the participation can be here.

Like with Google, it is also possible to place ads through Facebook. Two billion people use Facebook every month. Most people who wash their cars and own a smartphone also use Facebook. This means that in addition to Google ads, you can also use Facebook ads to attract more customers online. Test it for yourself and try out different campaigns.  This will give you a quick sense of which method best suits your station. You can then invest a bit more money in this method. Like on Google, the ads on Facebook can be adapted to your target groups and your station and posted individually.

Summary: Increase in sales through online advertising

Online advertising pays off for just about every entrepreneur. There are diverse and uncomplicated ways to reach many people. The most important facts are summarized here:

  • A website gives important information to potential customers.
  • Google ads enables you to be found by many users.
  • With social media accounts you ensure that your company is always talked about.
  • Both on Google and on Facebook, you can target advertising to your customer group.