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Mark VII & One Tree Planted

“It’s important to consider and remember nearly everything we do will have an impact on our environment. We want to make sure that those impacts remain positive.” Palmer Barefield, Mark VII Marketing Manager. 

Carwashing isn’t the most environmentally friendly business. But at Mark VII, we continually endeavor to change that. 

We understand how vital our environment is; it’s everything around us. Our environment impacts healthy living and our overall existence. We also depend on it for food, water, air, and more. Because we only have one planet, we all have ownership in protecting it. 

We’re no exception at Mark VII. We want to broaden our entire organization's positive impact on the environment. Our partnership with One Tree Planted is making that possible.

The One Tree Planted organization

Recently, Mark VII partnered with One Tree Planted; a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. Their vision is simple yet powerful: they plant one tree with each US dollar donated. 

What are deforestation and reforestation? 

Forests are essential to our environment, providing food, clean air, and water. They also improve our health and are the most critical line of defense for the climate crisis. 

Deforestation is responsible for the significant loss of our planet’s tree cover. Unfortunately, industry, agriculture, worsening wildfires, and other causes remain. The encouraging news is that under the right conditions, forests can naturally regenerate, and we can help through reforestation. 

Reforestation is renewing forest cover. By planting new trees in areas that have been damaged, we can restore forests and habitats ruined by wildfires. Reforestation also involves replanting what were once agricultural and mining lands and replenishing areas that have been logged for timber. These essential projects can benefit communities by rejuvenating degraded soil and generating food sources, jobs, and income. They also create hydrological and air quality benefits. 

One Tree Planted focuses its projects on where trees are most critically needed now

Mark VII and One Tree Planted partnership

At Mark VII, we’re committed to donating a portion to One Tree Planted for every carwash machine sold each month. 

Our leadership is thrilled to work with an organization whose impact is felt worldwide. Further, partnering with them is super simple. From communication to marketing materials, their process is straightforward and uncomplicated. 

We also plan to grow our collaboration with One Tree Planted. Our parent company, Washtec, based in Germany, is in the process of determining how they can support this organization’s impactful mission in Europe. 

Mark VII’s greater purpose is to positively impact the environment

As a subsidiary of an international company based in Europe, we have a unique dynamic and perspective. 

First, our workforce is diverse, spanning many different countries. For this reason, we have a deeper understanding of climate change, and the negative, substantial effects weather has had on communities worldwide. 

Second, Europe’s environmental standards are significantly stricter than the United States. So both Mark VII and Washtec have made meaningful strides in ensuring environmental stewardship is one of our top priorities as we continually seek a greener carwash experience

From equipment to chemicals, we make sure our products are sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Also, we maximize water efficiency with equipment designed to minimize water consumption and electricity. 

Other ways we’re making a positive impact

At Mark VII, we strive to remain the most energy-efficient in the carwash manufacturing industry. As part of sustainable water management, we utilize a water reclamation process that treats and produces reusable water. In turn, this alleviates pressures on natural water and groundwater bodies and reduces scarcity. 

Also, within our chemical branch, we’ve found opportunities to fully recycle and donate our 30-gallon bins for reuse by chemical distributors. Each dollar amount received in donations or sales goes towards One Tree Planted.

Lastly, we’re on track to eliminate print brochures by going fully digital. 

At Mark VII, we understand that the one thing everyone in the world shares is Earth. Therefore, protecting our environment is everyone’s concern, and we’re making every intention to do our part.

Partnering with One Tree Planted allows us to continually refocus on the bigger picture, aside from business, which is giving back to the environment. Since collaborating with One Tree Planted, we’ve already planted over 100 trees, but we want to take that even further.

“Our aim is not only to be a leader in manufacturing within our industry but to be an example of doing good for the environment. Our hope is that by sharing our One Tree Planted experiences, we will encourage environmental awareness.” - Palmer Barefield. 

We aim to be part of something that's bigger than ourselves. And partnering with One Tree Planted is only the beginning of fulfilling our greater purpose to positively impact the environment.