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Mike Zarp Knows

Since Mike Zarp purchased his Mr. Suds carwash in Upland, California in 2002, he’s always had Mark VII equipment. But two new additions in the past two years have taken business to a new level.

“We have six self-serve bays and an automatic,” Mike says. “A little over a year ago, I put in the ChoiceWash XT.”

A year before, Mike had upgraded to the Mark VII JetWash system for his self-serve bays. “That helped a lot, but when I put the ChoiceWash in, people went crazy for it,” he states. “We went from doing 30-35 cars on a good day to the point where we can do 80 cars a day. On a typical day, no matter when you come by, there are 2-3 cars in line. Every month, business is climbing.”

Because the automatic had always been touchless, Mike wanted to give his customers an alternative wash option, which the ChoiceWash XT provided. He also felt the design would reassure customers who were concerned about a friction wash.

“One of the things that attracted us to the ChoiceWash was the open design,” Mike notes. “Machines from other manufacturers were tight and gave the impression they would hit your car. And, the foam material they use works so well. Those brushes don’t hold onto any dirt.”

While the visual appeal and wash quality of the new equipment has been an obvious attraction and business booster, Mike also credits another behind-the-scenes component.

“The chemicals are one of the most important parts, and we run all Mark VII chemicals,” Mike says. “I never have to worry about being out of something, because they come in and take care of us. We’ve tried other chemicals before, but you just don’t get the performance. I know operators who think they’re saving money by using cheaper soap, but it makes a huge difference. You can tell on the quality of the wash.”

Mike is an excavating contractor full-time, so having a carwash that doesn’t require a lot of his attention is important. He reports that the ChoiceWash XT seldom has problems, but he appreciates the service he receives on those rare occasions when he needs it.

“One thing that is important to me as an owner-operator is, I need to be treated the same as a large chain, and Mark VII treats me like that,” Mike states.“And I know that when the service tech comes, he’s going to be able to fix the problem.”

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