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Winter special offers to persuade your customers

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling – winter is coming. At this time of year, cars are exposed to completely different types of dirt than in summer. Instead of dead insects and pollen, cars are exposed to the cold and road salt. Therefore, you should not do without washing your car despite the low temperatures. However, it is a good idea to visit a heated car wash that dries the car thoroughly after washing. There are several special offers that you can use to tempt drivers into your car wash in winter. Here are a few examples.

Discounted under body wash

Slush, dirt and salt settle quickly under the car and form a crust that can sooner or later lead to rust. An under body wash is therefore advisable especially in winter to protect the car in the best possible way. However, many car owners often do without this partial wash cycle. You can accommodate them by reducing the price. With a small text on your website or on Facebook, why under body washing is so important in winter, you get your customers thinking – and with the discount you lure them to your car wash.

Waxing or sealing for less money

After careful washing, the car is well protected against the weather and aggressive road salt if it is given a wax coating or (if you offer this) a seal. Again, some people often decide against it for cost reasons. It should also be of interest to them that they get this protection for their car in winter on better terms with you. If you make a name for yourself in winter as the car washer who offers the helpful washing cycles in the dark season at a slightly lower price, you will have a correspondingly large number of customers – for example also those who wash their cars at self-service washes in summer. If you convince them with your service, you will retain them as customers even when the temperatures rise again.

Practical accessories

Before winter comes, you can stock up on de-icing spray and have the name and address of the car wash printed on ice scrapers. Customers who see the spray next to the counter when paying can easily be persuaded to buy one – just in case – the winter can be long. And the ice scrapers are excellent giveaways. You can give them to your customers as freebies. An ice scraper is used daily by many drivers when temperatures fall below zero. This means that your customers see the name of your car wash every day and know that you were kind enough to give them this handy tool. In other words, it ensures positive thought connection.

Summary: Respond to the current needs

As winter car washing has very different priorities than summer, you can start by catering to the changing needs in an effort to win new customers. After washing, cars should dry completely particularly in cold temperatures. This is not possible with a self-service car wash. As a result, you, as the owner of a conveyor tunnel system or an enclosed car wash, have the edge here. Persuade car owners to try your car wash by offering discounts. You then have the opportunity to retain them with good service and practical offers or helpful promotional gifts.