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Washing and care chemicals – Tips for choosing and what you should consider

The appropriate washing and care chemicals for the car wash must be the proverbial all-singing, all-dancing. They should clean reliably and thoroughly, neither attack the paint nor the brushes in the car wash, at the same time be as environmentally friendly as possible and preferably not cost too much. This sounds like a difficult balancing act, but is not an impossibility.

Cleaning, shining and protecting

The washing process can be roughly divided into two categories: cleaning and care. First of all, the cleaners are used for car washing. A pre-cleaner that dissolves and removes stubborn dirt. A foam cleaner that removes the dirt and lighter soiling. And last but not least, the shampoo, which supports the mechanical removal of dirt by the brushes and at the same time keeps the washing materials clean. The cleaners that you want to use in your car wash on a long-term basis should also remove the dirt in less accessible areas of the car. Here it is especially important that you not only focus on the right cleaner, but at the same time make sure that the brushes in the car wash are in good condition all the way round. Even the best cleaning chemicals are powerless, if these are heavily worn. 

In addition, the paintwork should shine brightly after washing and be protected from environmental influences. This is where the care chemicals come in. Polish products such as ShineTecs provide the necessary shine during car washing. And the waxes and drying aids, such as ShieldTecs, complete the wash for a perfect seal with a beading effect.
In fact, it is best if the washing chemicals and the car wash are tuned to each other. Manufacturers provide recommendations for the combination. For example, our WashTec car washes work best with the care and cleaning chemicals from our subsidiary AUWA, but are also compatible with other manufacturers.

For the sake of the environment

Apart from the car, the environment should of course also be protected. But very few people know what to look for. Just take a look at the ingredients. Often, simple formulas are those that are both effective and gentle. The complete absence of nitrilotriacetic acid, NTA for short, in all cleaning and care products is a unique feature of AUWA products. In addition, AUWA does not use CMR substances (so-called carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction) in its chemicals.

Summary: Do not settle for less

After visiting a car wash, customers expect to take their cars home looking clean and shiny. Accordingly, it is important that the washing chemicals offer good cleansing power. Optimal washing results depend on a number of factors. In any case, the decisive factor is the system technology used and the perfectly tuned chemicals. If both factors go hand in hand, you can get the most out of the wash. And, finally, if the price and handling of the cleaning and care products are right, you have found a good and reliable product.

Find out in our article what you need to consider when choosing care products for different weather conditions.