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Ways To Create (& Keep!) Loyal Customers

Bringing customers in is important for your car wash business. Keeping them coming back can be a challenge. Customer loyalty is an important tool for your car wash business. Here are some ways to keep customers loyal.

  • This one may be obvious, but providing an exceptional wash quality that wows your guest is the first step to creating customer loyalty! The wash quality could be reason enough for the customers to come back. There are several factors that can play into this. Having up to date, modern car wash equipment that is well serviced and maintained is a great place to start.
  • As a customer-centric business, customer service will always be important. Provide great customer service at every point of the customer’s journey. Invest in training your employees and ensure they follow business guidelines. If your site is unmanned, be sure your equipment is up and running so the customer experience is seamless.
  • Provide value-adds. Providing vacuums or clean towels on-site are additional reasons for customers to stay longer.
  • Offer premium options. Some customers want premium offerings for their cars, like waxes, bug-busters, surface hardeners and more. Offer a premium tier or pay more for add-ons.
  • Loyalty/rewards programs can entice customers to come in. Provide exclusive offers and rewards such as free washes and other services using a points or punch card system.
  • Monthly wash memberships, especially for tunnels, will keep your most loyal customers coming back. Offer a package of a certain number of washes or even unlimited washes that give customers the best value.

Loyalty is a two-way street. Treat your customers well and they will treat you back as return customers. These return customers will bring a consistent profit stream for your business. Mark VII’s innovative machines can help you generate income streams and provide an exceptional wash quality every time. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.