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Chemical Switch Proves Positive for Operator, Customers

The marriage of Mark VII equipment and chemicals has been a good one.

Dependable and effective chemicals are essential to carwash operation. So when Connecticut carwash owner Ed Steremberg wasn’t getting the level of service he needed from his chemical supplier, he made the switch to the Mark VII chemical program.

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made," Ed states. “I’ve been very happy with the change. I got great support in phasing out the old chemical system and dialing in the new program."

Ed got into the carwash business six years ago, purchasing his first wash in Newington, Conn. Since then, he has expanded his line of Wave carwashes.

"The first wash has been closed for many years,” he recalls. “I put a Mark VII XT300 with a contour dryer in and people love it. My second purchase was a carwash in New Britain with an automatic and five self-serve bays, and then a little over a year ago I purchased a location in Wallingford which now has side-by-side Mark VII touch-free automatics and four self-serve bays. I’m currently looking to sign a lease for a fourth location and will be installing a Mark VII wash there as well." Ed adds that the new wash will also feature Mark VII chemicals, and notes that the marriage of Mark VII equipment and chemicals has been a good one.

"I get compliments at all of my locations on the quality of the equipment and the quality of the wash,” Ed concludes. “I get the service I need and the customers are very happy…and that makes me very happy. Mark VII is always there for me when I need them.”