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Saying Hello! to Growth

Hello! CarWash Welcomes Growth with Mark VII

Frank Nuchereno has never been interested in blending in. “A car wash can become a commodity,” Frank states. “My goal has always been to create something that appeals to people and stands out.”

Clearly, his strategy is working. Since opening his first Hello! car wash in Garland, Texas, Frank has opened locations in Denver, Colorado and Lake Highlands, Texas, and will soon be launching a third Dallas-area wash in Kessler Park. All four Hello! washes feature Mark VII tunnel washes. The latest location will boast a 190-foot tunnel equipped with a Mark VII SoftLine 1® tunnel wash paired with a Hello!-branded self-storage facility.

“Mark VII has been good to work with,” Frank says. “I wouldn’t have installed multiple units if I wasn’t comfortable with them. There is value in working with people who are looking at the industry with a fresh perspective and working to create a niche for themselves, just as I am.”

The first Hello! location features a SoftLine2 ® tunnel, while the other three utilize SoftLine 1 units. “Both have their place,” Frank notes. “Customers love the linear technology of the SoftLineand the dryer system. But our other locations called for a longer tunnel and a high-volume wash. The Lake Highlands location is right in the middle of a Super Target®, Home Depot®, Sam’s Club® and WalMart®. We’ve done 144 cars per hour there, and it will always be our highest volume location.

“We’ve had quite a few visitors to the Lake Highlands wash because of the unique design,” Frank continues. “The SoftLine 1 units in Lake Highlands and Denver have done a very good job of cleaning and processing the vehicles. Our customers have been really pleased.”

Frank has always understood the importance of effective marketing as a tool to differentiate his washes from the competition. With their distinctive, modern designs and uniform branding, the Hello! carwashes stand out visually. He appreciates the fact that Mark VII has further stepped up their marketing support.

“They are doing a good job of formulating a social media package we can utilize,” he says. “They have a social media specialist who has been very helpful and good to work with who has given us advice on how to improve the effectiveness of what we do with social media.”

Productive Partnership 

One strength of the partnership with Mark VII has been the effort made by the design, installation and service teams to ensure the washes are tailored to meet Hello! Deluxe Car Wash's specific requirements.

“The service team is a really good, solid group of people who have been with Mark VII for a long time, and that’s a good statement about the company,” he says. “On the design and installation side, one thing I really appreciate about Mark VII is that they are willing to partner with other specialty suppliers. If you’re committed to producing something really special and unique, they will look at the components with you and, if they’re right for your wash, figure out a way to integrate them.

“They will also listen to your needs,” Frank adds. “In Denver, we felt we needed an additional high-pressure blaster to remove the magnesium chloride they put on the streets in the winter. Mark VII created this new piece of equipment for us. Now we have it in Denver and in our Kessler Park location, and it’s really working great. It’s a partnership that is good for us and positive for Mark VII.”