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Mark VII's Nerve Center

Mark VII's Nerve Center


“I look at my group as the communication hub of Mark VII.  Most communication that comes in from customers and technicians, or goes out to the same, passes through us.”

That’s Carrie Frietsche, the customer service manager in the Mark VII Customer Care Center. “My team manages the new phone system, and we are the outward facing folks who speak with anyone who calls in,” she explains. “We handle customer concerns, dispatch 100-plus technicians and chemical drivers, process parts sales, and interact with the service sub-contractors in the US. Our dispatchers put up 3,000-4,000 service and chemical orders a month, and no two days are alike.”

In addition to Carrie, the department employs six in-house and two remote communication specialists. “We had two individuals with the right skill set that we placed in our Eastern and Western regions,” Carrie notes. “It’s very helpful to have them in the same geographic area as our clients and technicians.”

“We have two basic goals,” Carrie states. “Our first is to keep incoming calls from going to voicemail. It’s no longer a situation where the customer calls and doesn’t know what button to push. We want to provide a live voice on the line whenever possible. The second is to do all we can to assist the caller and find a resolution. If we’re not the best resource to help the caller, we will find that person.”

Large screens in the call center provide real-time information on technician location, communications specialists currently assisting customers, as well as available agents. “We follow up with customers to find out if their service experience was positive,” Carrie says. “If we get positive feedback, which we love, we immediately pass that on to the service team. If problems remain, we get right back to the service team, as well. We want to be proactive and help that customer before they have to make a second call to Mark VII.

“My personal number-one principle is that everyone is treated with respect and honesty,” Carrie concludes. “When you call, our commitment is to do our absolute best to meet and exceed your expectations.”

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