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Acting sustainably.
Securing the future.

Sustainable business practices secure the future of our company and also our society. Consequently, it already defines the way we act and behave today. We use resources sparingly. And take our responsibility towards our staff and society seriously. Our goal is to create permanent values. And to leave behind an environment that is ecologically and socially intact for future generations.

Promote potential.

Our people are the basis of our success. Consequently, it is important for us to offer a working environment in which each individual feels comfortable and is able to realize his or her potential. Both professionally and personally. For us, it is only natural that we offer fair wages, social benefits and training programs. Likewise, we encourage our staff to keep healthy and promote a good work-life balance. 

Showing mutual respect is important to us in our daily interactions with others. We promote diversity and tolerance in our company. And we actively encourage more women to move into technical professions and assume managerial positions. Since 2005, a standard code of ethics has been in place for all employees of the WashTec Group, the observance of which is monitored on a regular basis in our internal audits.

Acting responsibly.

Acting sustainably is an essential component of our corporate culture. This is confirmed by our certifications according to the following standards:

  • EN ISO 9001: 2008 guarantees responsible-minded quality management – a matter of course for forward-looking companies.
  • EN ISO 14001: 2004 supplements our claim with environmentally-conscious behaviour and gives you a convincing competitive advantage.
  • SCC**: 2011 – The Safety Certificate Contractors protects the health andsafety of  our staff through preventive measures.

Accept responsibility.

As a globally active company, we aspire to being a role model, today and in future. By further reducing the resources we consume, cutting emissions and avoiding waste. Even today we take environmental aspects into account in all processes, products and services – both large and small.

By way of illustration, we have equipped all new diesel vehicles since 2007 with filters that reduce particulate emissions by 99%. And also in everyday office life, we operate responsibly. We use carbon-neutral postal systems for letters and parcels and use FSC-certified paper from environmentally-friendly, sustainable forestry management. Small steps, but which all add up to make a big difference.