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Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8 Canada

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Transwest Buick GMC


“We used to spend $19 to wash a customer’s vehicle by hand, and with our available manpower we couldn’t keep up with the volume. With our Mark VII SoftWash XT® our cost dropped to about $4 each, volume is no longer an issue, and we get consistent, high quality cleaning results. We’ll be installing Mark VIIs at two more locations soon.” -Chuck Halbwachs, Service Manager

Coleman Landing Chevron


“At a convenience store, reliability is everything. Every day I have a line of cars waiting for a wash. Mark VII service technicians maximize my carwash up-time and ensure that every customer in line receives a consistent, quality carwash. With reliable Mark VII service I can sit back, relax, and watch the carwash maximize my return on investment.” -Nilesh Bhadani, Owner

Lube Rite Brenham, TX


“This machine works really, really well, and the people who come in here like the fact that nothing touches their car. Our customers say it’s the best carwash in town. When we have an issue, I’ve been able to call our service technician on his cell phone. I’ll tell him what the machine is doing, and he’ll walk me through the process and more often than not, we’ll get it fixed over the phone. It’s wonderful. If I need them to come out, they’re here in the afternoon or by the next morning. You can’t beat that service." -Dale Martin, Owner

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