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Good Chemistry

Properly formulated chemicals are critical in achieving consistently excellent results

Written by // By Larry Azevedo 
Chemical Field Operations Manager // Mark VII

Every carwash operator wants to achieve a level of cleaning that reflects well on their wash and leaves customers satisfied. Clearly, the chemicals used are a critical part of the process. But a chemical program from Mark VII goes well beyond quality products.

Of course, ensuring the cleaning products we supply deliver a superior wash is our first goal. Our formulations are specifically designed to bring out the full potential of a Mark VII carwash. that the product we supply deliver a superior wash. A Mark VII machine will deliver great results with many chemical systems, but our formulas are specifically designed to bring out the full potential of our equipment.

Simply put, quality makes a difference. Properly formulated chemicals are critical in achieving consistently excellent results. A formula that provides proper lubricity is just one example. A detergent has to provide enough lubricity to allow today’s brush materials to glide over the car and pick up dirt. A quality product will provide that lubricity, but some regional and local blenders may not. 

Finishing and protectant technology has also advanced dramatically over the years. Finishing products provide a shine very similar to a hand wax, and protectants extend that just-waxed appearance by guarding the finish against the elements. Where previous generations of finishing products could dull a finish over time as layers of product accumulated, our proprietary ShineTecs® finishing products and protectants chemically bond to the surface of the car and can actually brighten and improve on the car’s original finish.

Today’s finishing products also work well on non-metallic surfaces.