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The compact car wash

The mini-tunnel

Ideal for short bays, SoftLine2 Compact is the perfect choice for rollover bays with higher volume potential. Choose from a variety of available components optimized to deliver the best results over a short distance.

SoftLine2 Compact

Do you have more volume potential than your rollover system can handle? Want to double your throughput (or more)? SoftLine2 Compact makes it possible.

Waschstraße SoftLine Compact von WashTec

Your advantages:

  • Low space requirements – from 36 to 59 feet.
  • Modular concept – flexible throughput.
  • Attractive design.
  • Patented technology – reliable, robust and low-maintenance.
  • User-friendly – little or no staffing required.
  • Gentle washing – via precise, electronically controlled brush travel.
  • Impressive washing and drying results – for satisfied customers.
  • One-stop shopping – from planning to installation to ongoing operation.

Equipment details:

  • Standardized open frame concept.
  • Attractive appearance – with design and LED options and choice of stainless steel or 18 colors.
  • Energy saving roof dryer – thanks to Linear Technology and contour-tracking for optimal airflow.
  • Wheel sill washer - for cleaning wheels and rocker panels.
  • Brush dryer with textile materials.
  • Countdown traffic light - to help customers exit.


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