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Tunnel Sales Poised for Futher Growth

Tunnel carwashes comprise more than 50% of the new wash market in the U.S.

Written by // Pierre Leclercq // VP Business Development // Mark VII

Last year, Mark VII became the North American sales leader in the in-bay automatic market. That is an accomplishment to be proud of, but we still have much more to do. I say that because tunnel carwashes comprise more than 50% of the new wash market in the U.S. It is our goal to be the leading provider of tunnel solutions in North America, a goal I am confident we can accomplish.

My confidence is based on three important factors. First, as part of WashTec®, the international leader in carwash technology and sales, we are experienced. The WashTec group installs around 100 tunnels annually, including 10-15 in North America. We plan to increase that number significantly and quickly. In WashTec, we have the support of the most innovative company in the carwash industry, Every year this group launches innovations that will benefit our customers.

Second, we are the primary carwash supplier for the biggest convenience store and fuel organizations worldwide. We have the experience, the organization and the knowledge to handle complex projects and support our customers’ business development plans. For each tunnel project we have dedicated project managers to support our customer from the concept phase to the grand opening. Then they can draw on the support of our first-class service/chemical team to keep their carwash operating at peak performance.
Finally, we have a great product portfolio. Our two tunnel lines, the SoftLine 1 and Softline 2, were designed to meet the needs of different segments of the tunnel market. The SoftLine 1 is manufactured in our Arvada, Colorado factory. Fabricated of stainless steel, it is extremely robust and easy to operate. We converted the SoftLine 1 from hydraulic to fully electric last year. This allows more accurate brush pressure regulation and delivers a great wash quality at high speed.

The SoftLine 1 is a perfect choice for several applications. It is designed for owners and operators looking for a long tunnel (100 feet or more), high throughput and high speed. Because of its ease of operation, it is ideal for new investors in the tunnel market.
Our Softline 2 is made in Germany and represents the state of the art in the tunnel industry. It is the only tunnel in North America to feature linear technology. With linear technology, the bushes are mounted on overhead rails and follow the car, creating longer brush contact and significantly increasing wash quality compared to classic tunnels. The high-pressure and drying segments not only move with the car, but sense and follow the contour of the vehicle. 

This model is ideally suited to business models focused on premium wash quality with customers looking for high-end technology and innovation— the perfect way to differentiate your wash in a competitive market.

The SoftLine 2 also requires little to no "prep" before beginning the wash process, making it a great fit for operations running with minimal staff.

This model is also particularly well suited to mini-tunnel installations. These are a great option when space is at a premium or you have reached the capacity of your rollover unit (usually 10-15 cars per hour). A mini-tunnel in a 40- to 50-foot bay can clean 40-50 cars per hour.

The challenge faced by traditional mini tunnels is achieving a sufficiently clean car in a short space. Linear technology solves that concern, creating additional brush contact which is equivalent to lengthening your bay. Contour following drying is more efficient than static dryers and gives great drying results even when the drip space is short.