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Modular car wash design

Basic or premium?
The choice is yours.

It doesn't get more flexible than this. Whether you want a basic solution or all the bells and whistles, SoftLine2 can be customized to your exact specifications.

Many options, one goal: perfect washing and drying results.

The following modules are available to configure your tunnel system:


Platteneinweiser für ein sicheres Lenken des Fahrzeugs auf die Förderkette
  • Operator terminal – robust system for mounting on a wall or post or integrated at your cash counter.
  • Manual pre-wash – optional high pressure station to pre-treat extremely dirty cars.
  • Correlator – safely guides vehicles onto the conveyor via bearing-mounted shifting plate and plastic rollers.
  • Steel conveyor with fixed rollers – low-maintenance rollers, rotates tires to improve wheel cleaning.
  • Plastic conveyor belt – smooth running and quiet, designed for tires widths up to 14.8 inches/375 mm.
  • On-demand conveyor - ideal for self-loading tunnels.
  • "Smart" entrance arch – LED-backlit panels with your custom artwork to brand your carwash.


Maschinelle Vorwäsche durch HD-Bogen
  • High-pressure arch – available as either freestanding or linear traveling, the high pressure boom contours close to the vehicle and rotates at front and rear for maximum impact on hard-to-clean areas.
  • Undercarriage wash – cleans the underbody with 22 spray nozzles, including 2 angled outward to clean hard-to-reach places around the wheel wells.
  • Wheel sprayer – optimum preparation for wheel cleaning, with your choice of v-jet or turbo-nozzles.

Main wash

Radwäscher und Radschwellenwäscher
Waschstraße SoftLine² Compact
  • Wheel/sill brushes – for simultaneous cleaning of wheels and rocker panels, optionally with high-pressure nozzles and soap injection for enhanced wheel cleaning.
  • Brush station – Linear Technology moves the brushes to extend contact time and cleaning quality on the front and rear of the vehicle, contour-tracking and accelerated simultaneous movement ensures excellent washing results.


Auto in Pflegestation
Unterbodenwäsche des Autos
  • Polish station – contouring roof brush and two side brushes gently buff premium polish chemicals into all surfaces of the vehicle.
  • ShineTecs®– paint protection that generates a hand wax quality shine and keeps customers coming back.
  • Wax arch – drying aid boosts the efficiency of the drying process and ensures perfect drying results.


Auto in Pflegestation
Tuchtrockener schwingen um Auto
  • Blower dryers – contour-following dryers with optional Linear Technology track close to the vehicle for optimized air flow and up to 40% energy savings over conventional tunnel blowers.
  • Brush or cloth dryers – provide additional drying capability following the blowers if space is available.


  • Countdown traffic light – attractive stainless steel column with multi-color LED traffic light informs customers how many seconds remain until it's time to exit.


  • Info column – attractive stainless steel column with LED-backlit panel displays your custom graphics to describe wash programs, safety instructions, or other content of your choice.


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