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Being Green with Mark VII Equipment

With the topic of sustainability trending in the car wash industry, it’s important to know the efforts your supplier is making an active effort to reduce their carbon footprint. At Mark VII, sustainability is an integral part of what we do. From small aspects in our corporate office, such as printing less brochures, eliminating mailers, to the way our machines are engineered, here are some ways our sustainability practices work towards securing the future of our company, society and your business.

With our machines, we try to make sure our parts are sustainable. Virtually all the raw materials used can be recycled and our machines have explicit guidelines to ensure recyclability and maximum recyclability. Once the machines reach the end of life, they are properly dismantled and recycled.

Water savings are a key feature for our car wash machines and ultimately for the profitability of your business. For example, the ChoiceWash XT® uses as little as 24 gallons of water for a basic wash and 30 gallons for a deluxe wash compared to other industry leading systems which use 60 or more gallons per wash. For a touch-free system, the AquaJet XT® also uses minimal water consumption. Paired with our latest innovation, the Mark VII AquaPur™ you can also reduce freshwater consumption down to a minimum by recycling water. By reclaiming, filtering, and deodorizing water, the car wash system reuses the reclaimed water which saves money on water and sewer bills, increasing your bottom line.

We do our best to be environmental stewards. To take matters even further, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to donate trees to be planted wherever they are needed most in the world with every Mark VII sale. To learn more about One Tree Planted and our partnership, click here.

We set industry standards with our products, international certifications and focus on customer satisfaction. Being number one also means being responsible for the environment and future generations. We systematically align our activities - both large and small - with that in mind. Sustainability starts with each of us, and our company and customers will reap the benefits! To learn more about the strides Mark VII is making in sustainable car wash, click here.