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Meet our Car Wash Equipment

With over 50 years of experience, Mark VII equipment has strived to innovate in the car wash industry. Our equipment showcases our commitment to innovation. Learn about our car wash equipment below!

In-bay Automatics

The SoftWash XT® provides a safe and gentle soft-touch experience to customers. The cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable machine is car washing workhorse. Thanks to the patented SoftTec foam brush material, the three-brush system cleans and polishes vehicles while also minimizing the use of electricity, water, and chemicals. With a proven design, there’s a reason why the SoftWash XT® are in 35,000 sites worldwide.

For a touch-free car wash experience, the AquaJet XT® is setting the standard for touchless cleaning. The gantry’s high pressure cleaning process provides precision control. Thanks to the turbo nozzles in the AquaJet XT®, they provide higher impingement than v-jet nozzles used by other systems. The nozzles thoroughly remove dirt and grime loosened by the presoak chemicals. With the HyperTilt system, the top boom rotates to maximize cleaning on the front and rear of the vehicle. To top it off, the AquaJet XT® uses less water and chemicals than other touchless systems.

The ChoiceWash XT® gives you both wash formats in a single platform. Customers can choose between a touch-free, soft-touch, or even a combination wash, which can increase revenue potential. Just like the AquaJet XT® and SoftWash XT®, this machine will provide best-in-class cleaning results for your customers.

Mark VII’s latest innovative machine is SmartCare, our latest hybrid machine. With its sleek design and advanced technology, SmartCare has a variety of features that outshine the competition. The simplicity of the machine will help owners become experts in seconds, alongside tuning quality, balance, and speed with the touch of a button. Pre-washing is now optimized thanks to the swiveling spray nozzles, applying chemicals evenly across the surface. With intelligent dosing, the machine will efficiently and adaptably dose chemicals automatically while also customizing to your liking. Improved sensor technology guarantees precise control, cleaning hatchbacks, rear spoilers, and hard-to-reach places on vehicles.

Owners can also purchase optional add-ons for the ChoiceWash XT®, SoftWash XT®, and AquaJet XT® that are guaranteed to impress customers and increase revenue. Add options such as a foam curtain, light doors with two configurations, and even door designs. These machines also include Mark VII Plus, where you can check the status of your bays using any device.


The SoftLine1® Tunnel is our highly configurable tunnel system. Intelligently designed, the tunnel system can be configured to as small as a 50’ mini tunnel to a fully loaded express tunnel. The SoftLine1® is able to absorb high volume to maximize your profits. On top of that, it is easy to maintain and operate so you can “set it and forget it”. With the SoftLine2® Tunnel, you can configure the tunnel to meet the high demands of your customers in terms of wash quality, throughput, ease of use and design.

Car Wash for Auto Dealers

We offer options for auto dealers as well. Between the SoftWash DF® and the SoftLine® Drive Thru Tunnel, auto dealers have options as well. The SoftWash DF® is an economical, yet robust machine. With low operating cost, it is great for auto dealer who don’t want upsell options. With the SoftLine® Drive Thru, you can wash a vehicle in just 45 seconds while minimizing cost. In one single frame, the SoftLine® Drive Thru can perform all functions.

Self-Serve Stations

For car washes who want to provide self-service, the JetWash® Self-Serve Station is a compact machine that is state-of-the-art. Each machine can be configured for up to four bays and requires less maintenance. Alongside that, pump speed can be adjusted and precise injection technology for chemicals.

All of our machines are made in America at our factory in Arvada, Colorado. And with our service plans, we can help you every step of the way. Want to learn more about our machines? Contact us here.