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Bryan Coloroso has a carwash resurrected

Like many new carwash owners, Bryan Coloroso was looking for guidance as he attempted to breathe new life into his High Mesa Car Wash in Federal Heights, Colorado. He found the help he was looking for with the Mark VII team.

“I didn’t know a great deal about the carwash business, so when I decided to get into this, I talked to four carwash manufacturers,” he recalls. “Mark VII was by far the most responsive. I asked Keith Gronau, my Mark VII salesperson, to take the lead. Keith and Mark VII brought everything together—the equipment, chemicals and service. They did a great job and if I had any questions, Keith was there to take care of them. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

After 20 years as the owner of a roof truss manufacturing business, Bryan sold out and invested in a number of commercial properties in the Denver area. One of those properties was the High Mesa Car Wash, and when the lessee retired, the property returned to Bryan. When he and his wife decided to give the business a shot, they had some ground to make up.

“The wash was in pretty tough shape,” Bryan states. “Everything had been run down to the nubs.” Central to the rebirth of the wash were a JetWash® system for the three self-serve bays, a ChoiceWash XT® in the automatic bay and the ShineTecs chemical program. Right away, Bryan was impressed with the installation personnel and process.

“My equipment room is probably the smallest on the north side of town,” he explains. “When we were discussing the options I wanted to have here, we wondered if we could fit it all in. Don, the installer, is the best in the business. We had no problems getting all the equipment and chemicals in there, and there is still room to move around.”

Located on busy Federal Boulevard, High Mesa washes roughly 80 cars a day, depending on the Colorado weather. Customer feedback has been positive since Bryan re-launched the carwash. “Customers come in and tell me we have the best pressure and the best chemicals—that’s how I know the quality of the JetWash is good. The quality of the ChoiceWash XT is also great. My customers like the fact that they can choose from soft brush or touchless and a variety of wash options.

“Mark VII has been very good to work with through this process,” he concludes. “If I start another carwash, which I’m considering, I won’t call anyone but Mark VII. Instead of just being a vendor, they’ve become a partner. Without them, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.”

Watch how Bryan transformed his carwash business!

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