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How to clean your convertible top properly

If a customer wishes to have their convertible top cleaned, this is not a problem even in automatic car washing. Cleaning is not complicated, but should be as gentle as possible so as to protect the fabric. You can draw your customers' attention to this by means of special convertible washing programmes.

Clean convertible top when household remedies fail

Many people will have treated the top with household remedies before they come to your car wash. Dishwashing detergent can also help with light soiling, and wool detergent actually helps with the first signs of Verdigris. However, such detergents are not effective at tackling heavy soiling or long-dried stains, and car owners often forget that they must carefully impregnate the top after cleaning.

The right care with automatic car washing

Many owners of convertibles do not drive through automatic car washes because they are afraid that the brushes will damage the top or the plastic window. This concern is generally unfounded! Thanks to modern, soft brushes as for example SofTecs and the correct washing chemicals, convertible drivers can also wash their car safely in a gantry car wash or conveyor tunnel system. When choosing the right car wash, it is important to check that it looks clean and if you have doubts, it is better to ask the operator of the car wash. Many car washes even offer a special washing programme for convertibles.

How to make your convertible shine again

With a wax treatment in the automatic car wash, car washers make their convertibles shine! Regular automatic car washing with wax treatment protects the paintwork and folding top of the convertible from weathering and harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation and acid rain. The wax treatment products from AUWA are VDA-compliant and suitable for all standard folding tops and hardtops. Nevertheless, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendation in the operating manual of the vehicle. The sprayed-on liquid wax coats the paintwork and the folding top with a closed protective film. This is how automatic vehicle washing helps to preserve the value of the convertible.

Things you should be aware of when cleaning a convertible top

Special water drains are provided so that the water from the convertible top can run off well. When cleaning, add some water and check if they are working. If the water doesn't run off quickly, they're clogged. You can then clean the drains with wire strand, making sure to wrap the sharp ends with some adhesive tape.

Also take a look at the rubber joints on the convertible top. They must be supple and well-maintained so that they are waterproof and do not let water in. If necessary, clean the joints and apply a little silicone oil.

The linkage of the convertible top also deserves a closer look. The joints and hinges may suffer from the strain over time. By lubricating both of them, you ensure that they last long and function smoothly.

Summary: Be careful when cleaning your convertible top

A convertible soft-top has to be treated differently than the rest of the car. Therefore, it is best to choose a special washing programme for convertibles. A gentle wash with the right washing chemicals not only makes convertibles shine, but also protects the paintwork and top from harmful environmental influences. If you offer other services in addition to careful washing and impregnation, customers will be happy to come back to you. Most people forget to maintain the water drains, the silicone joints and the linkage when washing at home. All the better when your customers know that their car is in good hands with you.

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