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Don Valley North Hyundai Knows Good Service

In the city of Markham within the greater Toronto, Ontario area, Don Valley North Hyundai is a dealership that is satisfied with Mark VII’s innovative and state-of-the-art equipment. With our dedicated solutions for auto dealerships, Don Valley North Hyundai chose the Mark VIISoftLine® Drive-Thru Tunnel to clean their lot vehicles and customer vehicles after their service appointments.

With the SoftLine® Drive-Thru Tunnel, car dealers can impress their customers by taking their service appointments to the next level, returning a clean, dry and shiny car after something as simple as an oil change to even the most complex of service appointments.

“No more hydraulics, no more messy leaks, and no more fluid going to the brushes and dirtying cars,” Jason Wight, Business Development Manager at Mark VII, said highlighting the benefits of an electric SoftLine® Drive-Thru system. As we aim for a sustainable future within our industry, we no longer build machines with hydraulic systems. This initiative helps save car wash owners and operators money on energy costs while also avoiding expensive cleanups.

Originally, Don Valley North Hyundai used to wash cars by hand. Highlighting a benefit of the system, Sean Cheng, Assistant Service Manager of the dealership, said, “It used to take a really really long time [cleaning the cars]. Now that we have a much better machine, it does a very very good job keeping the cars clean.” Wight states with the SoftLine® Drive Thru Tunnel, you can push cars through the tunnel every 45 seconds. “As there is no conveyor to worry about, you can drive through and can activate the system through the photo eyes,” Wight says. With a simple training session, employees can do this on their own.

With the tunnel installed, the dealership has noticed increased customer satisfaction after service. “It’s one less thing for them to worry about,” Cheng said. With the tunnel system, it allows more time to focus on the customer by fixing their cars over washing them.

Clean cars sell. They also influence customers’ opinions of your service department. No longer are dealership car washes an afterthought, especially if you want to outshine the competition. Interested in learning more about car washes for auto dealers? Contact us here.