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The Dangers of Hydraulic Leaks

A hydraulic system can be efficient until a messy and expensive fluid leak happens. This can slow your car wash operation and impact customer service. Hydraulic leaks are also detrimental to the environment as the fluid can be absorbed by ground surfaces and flow to water sources. We will go through what to do if a fluid leak happens, how to maintain a hydraulic system to avoid a leak, and the environmental impacts of a hydraulic fluid leak.

Fixing a hydraulic fluid leak

There are symptoms of hydraulic leaks that can help you diagnose the issue. The common symptoms include1:

  • Puddles under the machine
  • Fluid levels are too low
  • Machine performance is poor

A puddle can help locate the leak by determining where on the machine the leak is happening, mostly by a hose that is torn or loose. These leaks can also be determined by checking fluid level gauges after a couple uses of your machine to see if levels are dropping. As hydraulic machines are powered by fluids, another way is to determine the performance of the machine, though may be difficult to notice.

Fixing a hydraulic leak can get costly. Determine which hoses are leaking or torn. Repair or replace the hoses that are causing the leaks. Remove any vibrations that can loosen any connections or fittings. If a hydraulic fluid leak is much more complicated to fix, consult a technician to diagnose and fix the issue2. To clean up, contact a cleaning service that specializes in oil spills.

Preventing a hydraulic fluid leak3

The most important way to prevent a leak is to perform preventative maintenance and checkups on your machine. Check the hoses for any tears and tighten them to the connectors. Use reliable connectors as a safeguard to prevent leaks from the ends of the connectors of the hose. Keep your machine cool to prevent the fluids to keep your seals from damaging. If you are unsure about maintaining your hydraulic machines, our service team can come in and perform on-demand preventative measures.

Environmental impacts of a hydraulic fluid leak4

Hydraulic leaks negatively affect the environment. Fluids can be absorbed by hard surfaces, soil, and water. It can be difficult to clean depending on how much has been absorbed by the surface and how deep it has gone. This can affect wildlife and water sources as the fluids can kill the animals in land and in the water.

Mark VII Equipment has been phased out hydraulic-powered equipment and is no longer being manufactured. We are committed to electric-powered machines that are much more efficient, cheaper to operate, and sustainable. We are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of the car wash industry.

Our SoftLine Tunnel series are now powered by electric motors. This helps you save money, chemicals, and water compared to hydraulic systems while also avoiding a costly and dangerous hydraulic leak. In addition to being a fully electric system, the SoftLine Tunnel series is made entirely of stainless steel, eliminating shakes and corrosion. Utilizing integrated control technology, each brush has its own VFD, ensuring a consistent soft-touch on every car, regardless of size, minimizing damage claims. The SoftLine Tunnel system is fully operational without staff. The design and construction of this machine is focused on reliability, robustness, and safety. This is a tolerant and easy-to-maintain system that will save you costs and raise your profits in the long run.

Learn more about our SoftLine Tunnel systems here.