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Introducting the AquaPur™, our water reclamation system

During The Car Wash Show in May 2023, we revealed our latest and sustainable innovation - the Mark VII AquaPur™! Our newest machine can help customers save money and water, plus comply with any applicable water reclamation laws.

With the Mark VII AquaPur™ your car wash can reduce freshwater consumption down to a minimum, as low as 15 gallons per wash. To combine with less water consumption, it also uses 75% less energy consumption compared to the leading competitor. With these energy and water savings, the AquaPur™ helps your car wash business become more efficient and profitable by reducing your operating costs. By capturing, filtering, deodorizing and re-using the water used when washing vehicles, you save a great deal of money by reducing water and sewer bills.

How does it work? Water during a car wash is captured in the wash bay and flows down the underground water storage tank for sedimentation and with the addition of the ozone deodorization system, prevents bad odors in the recycled water. The water is pumped above ground from the underground tank into a special, partly coarse, and partly fine silica filter through a suction line. The clean and recycled water then flows to the above ground buffer tank which will reuse the water in the tank.

To avoid stagnation of water, the AquaPur™ does backflushing periodically. Water is pumped in the opposite direction from filtering, flows to the bottom to the top of the filter, and releases the dirt particles held back by the silica sand. They are transported into the first underground storage tank for sedimentation. While there are no cars being washed, water is recirculated via a circulation line. Any excess water is discarded in the sewage system.

With our new and innovative water reclamation system, the AquaPur™ can benefit any car wash operator. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit even in the tightest locations. The AquaPur™ will save you water and energy thus saving you money!

Interested in adding a water reclaim system to your car wash business? Contact us today to learn more.