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Why Invest in a Mark VII Car Wash?

Why Invest in a Mark VII Car Wash? 

If you’re thinking about starting a car wash business or adding one to your c-store location, superior wash quality and efficient equipment performance are keys to success. At Mark VII, we’re an industry leader in both categories. Our focus? To support you in delivering worry-free, high-quality washes that keep customers returning to your business. Our team will provide complete support, from planning to operation, so you’ll generate long-term car wash business profit. 

Car washes standing strong amidst the economy 

Today’s economy has undergone quite a few changes. Yet despite the unknown future surrounding the economy, the multibillion-dollar car wash industry is expected to continue to grow. Chris Santy, an experienced leader in the finance industry, maintains, “Car washes add value in the community.” They're also significant profit boosters, increasing your overall revenue and margin. 

An investment in a car wash will pay for itself one day and bolster your long-term car wash business profit. 

The Mark VII difference 

Equipment suppliers, manufacturers and car wash distributors are invaluable partners and one of the most critical resources in car wash success. At Mark VII, you’ll experience the following:

  • Customizable, high-quality and innovative equipment that’s the most efficient in the industry
  • Perfectly matched chemical technology for your equipment and local cleaning challenges
  • Service plans that make running a car wash simple
  • Maximized revenue and profit growth through car wash promotion and marketing programs
  • Online car wash management for real-time monitoring, access and control
  • Financing guidance and support for the entire project

Let’s further examine how we maximize your investment and car wash business revenue. 

Our equipment: quality meets variety, innovation and efficiency

Quality car wash equipment and performance make the difference in a wash’s success. At Mark VII, our engineering, materials and commitment to innovation allow us to stand out in the industry. We offer a variety of different washing systems, including:

  • High reliability coupled with low operating costs with our In Bay Automatic Car Wash and Rollover Systems, such as soft-touch rollovers, touch-free rollovers (like our AquaJet XT), or combination systems that include both
  • Compact, flexible and state-of-the-art JetWash®Self Serve
  • Tunnel systems,including the SoftLine1® Tunnel, SoftLine2® Tunnel and SoftLine Drive-Thru® Tunnel tailoring solutions for every site
  • AquaDri® Dryers with efficient design and consistent results

Our experts will help you choose the best car wash suitable for your individual location, needs and purposes. We take into consideration factors such as types of vehicles and dirt in your area, estimated wash volume, local climate and your hours of operation. 

The most efficient car wash equipment in our industry

Our Mark VII team faces industry challenges, like water waste, head-on. Our equipment is the most efficient in our industry, vital to long-term investments like car washes. Consumption costs are typically overlooked, and inefficient machines using more water add expenses up quickly. While our equipment is often more investment up front, the long-term savings are tremendous.

We practice water management through exceptional research and development with machines optimized for maximum performance and low operating and consumption costs. Our equipment utilizes significantly less water yet still maintains excellent quality washes, increasing your overall savings — all the while protecting the environment. 

“One of our customers was able to cut their monthly water and sewage bill from $7,800 to $3,100 through reduced water usage, recycling and draining. Their electric bill went from 38 cents per car to 24 cents. And this was compared to a competitor’s six-month old machine.” - Brandon B., U.S. Director of Distribution

The right chemicals: advertising for your car wash

Choosing the proper chemical technology for your car wash equipment and local cleaning challenges is critical for happy customers and business growth. 

A clean, shiny car requires quality chemicals, which are also a significant factor in the overall car wash experience. Another way to think about it is your chemicals are advertising for your car wash. Your chemical program should be a balanced combination of reliability, thoroughness and price efficiency. They shouldn’t harm vehicle paint while remaining environmentally friendly.  

Our two-fold washing process includes both cleaning and care. Cleaning involves: 

  • A precleaner - breaking down and removing stubborn dirt
  • A foam cleaner - for surface soiling
  • Shampoo - helping the mechanical dirt removal while maintaining the cleanliness of washing materials

Next includes our care chemicals ShineTecs® and GraphiteGUARD™, best shine meets best protection. ShineTecs® protects a car’s paintwork with a “repair effect,” filling micro-depressions or scratches that form over time on paintwork. The result? An unprecedented shine and a strong, protective coating.  

Then comes GraphiteGUARD™, made of graphene, the strongest yet thinnest known material in the world. This transparent and flexible care chemical creates a barrier that protects against harsh elements, safeguarding the surface from fine marks, scratches and swirls. It also reduces vehicle corrosion.  

Service: making managing your car wash easy

We offer the largest manufacturer service network in the car wash industry. We have support technicians throughout North America. Our factory-trained field services professionals maintain equipment operating at maximum performance while calibrating chemicals to deliver peak cleaning results for each customer. Our top-quality service plans limit costs while maintaining equipment operations.

Our service reps have a streamlined process for identifying and addressing potential equipment issues. Typically, we consider three R’s when a machine isn’t working correctly: reset, repair or replace. Over the phone, our service reps can walk you through the reset process, getting your machines up and running in minutes. If a repair is required, our service technicians will arrive within four hours to assess, repair or determine if a replacement is needed. 

We also offer peace of mind through remote monitoring systems that notify us if something goes wrong with your car wash. You and your team can remain free to manage your store without worrying about the car wash. Our customized car wash maintenance contracts protect your long-term investment and maximize system operations.

Financing: invest today to begin revenue generation tomorrow

We understand that adding or embarking on a car wash business is a significant investment. We can help you finance your entire project through specialty lenders, covering equipment, freight, taxes, installation and more. All while conserving your banking relationships and preserving cash for day-to-day operations. 

Chris Santy maintains that “Capital markets remain plenty healthy.” Meaning there’s significant capital available to invest in a car wash business, and you can begin seeing revenue immediately. 

Whether you're in the beginning phases of your car wash ownership journey or adding one to your c-store location, it’s critical to partner with the right manufacturer and car wash distributor. At Mark VII, we’ll walk with you every step of the way, ensuring you have the very best opportunity to succeed. 

We set the standards in the car wash business.