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The latest in Mark VII Chemical Innovation.

“GraphiteGUARDⓇ  is a game-changer. I haven’t seen anything like this in the industry for 15 years.“ - Kelly Maria, Vice President of Mark VII Chemical Operations and Sales.

What are GraphiteGUARD and graphene?

Graphene-infused GraphiteGUARD is a new protective chemical at Mark VII. And it’s revolutionizing the carwash industry.

One of its key ingredients, graphene, is a two-dimensional, carbon-based nanoparticle arranged in a honeycomb structure. It’s a single layer of graphite, one atom thick, and it’s the strongest known material in the world. It’s harder than diamond and 200x tougher than steel, but it’s also the thinnest known material, lighter than aluminum. In addition, it’s flexible, with greater elasticity than rubber, all while being optically transparent.  

GraphiteGUARD benefits

GraphiteGUARD creates a barrier to protect harsh elements while also generating a brilliant shine. Its high abrasion resistance safeguards vehicle surfaces from fine marks, swirls and scratches. As a surface hardener, and because water can’t permeate graphene, GraphiteGUARD effectively reduces microbial-induced vehicle corrosion. These qualities make graphene an invaluable addition to the carwashing and coating world.

Graphene-infused products haven't historically been used in auto application or in-bay equipment but applied by hand. However, at Mark VII, we’re changing that. When we saw the results for ourselves, we knew we had to implement it with our already valuable care product: ShineTecs

How it works: cleaning, shining and protecting

The washing process at Mark VII can be divided into two steps: cleaning and care


Carwash cleaning is the first step to protecting paintwork; using cleaners with appropriate formulas to dissolve stubborn dirt is key. Providing shine or protection is unattainable without proper cleaning.   

But that’s only the beginning.

ShineTecs and GraphiteGUARD: best shine meets best protection

A new car’s paintwork has a smooth surface. The light can be reflected at its greatest capacity, resulting in a shine. However, a car’s exterior develops micro-depressions, or scratches, due to exposure to different elements over time. Some aren’t even noticeable to the physical eye. As a result, the paint’s reflectivity is reduced, diminishing the shine. Even the feel of the surface can change from slick to rough. That’s where care chemicals and polish products, such as ShineTecs and GraphiteGUARD, come in. 

ShineTecs repairs for an unprecedented shine

ShineTecs contains shine polymers that instantly clarify paint finish, causing a “repair effect.” When buffed in, micro compounds generate deeper gloss shine, resulting in hand wax quality, only better! ShineTecsⓇ outperforms ceramic coatings: its Acrylionic protection fills the microscopic dents and scratches. The coat hardens within a few hours, remaining on the paintwork permanently. ShineTecsⓇ ensures an enhanced shine! 

GraphiteGUARD shields and resists corrosion

After properly cleaning and filling the microscopic dents and scratches, it's time to protect vehicles from environmental influences. That’s where GraphiteGUARD becomes a key player. 

Rusting is exponentially increased by harsh elements like rain, salt or snow. GraphiteGUARDⓇ is applied on vehicles in a lattice pattern that guards, protects and acts as a slick, soft hardener. The chemical enhances the protective effect of ShineTecs, further hardening the paintwork surface, and you can immediately recognize the impact on a vehicle. 

The more you use GraphiteGUARD, the more it builds up, further resisting corrosion, oxidation, dust, dirt and water spots. It’ll prevent harsh elements from embedding in the paintwork, penetrating even further into a vehicle's ‘pores’ (microscopic dents), creating a shield over the work of ShineTecs. But to get the best effect, you must repeat and use it regularly. 

“I tested GraphiteGUARD on my own vehicle and couldn’t believe the mirror-like shine. It was unlike anything I’d seen before.”  - Kelly Maria.

Twice as strong together

We recommend coupling ShineTecs and GraphiteGUARD together. When your washing and protecting chemicals are in tune with each other, you’ll create an unprecedented, new car shine that’ll keep loyal customers returning. 

Predictions for graphene’s progression in the carwash industry

Kelly Maria has been in the carwash industry for 25 years. Chemicals have always been part of her profession, and she doesn’t view graphene as simply a trend. Once consumers see the results for themselves, they won’t want them to go away. Products like ShineTecs and GraphiteGUARD are not only groundbreaking but imperative in prolonging the paintwork of cars.

It’s also important to note that in the current economy, everything feels so expensive. But GraphiteGUARD is an investment in the vehicle. Operators can increase price points and margins, adding only an additional $3-$4 cost to the carwash. As a result, customers will want to buy it to protect their vehicle and extend its body life. 

Kelly concludes, “I’m very proud of the results I see, and I’m not afraid to share it. I’m a believer.” 

Mark VII equipment washes over 2.75 million vehicles a day around the globe. With more than 35,000 carwashes worldwide, we set standards in the business, focusing on providing clean, dry and shiny cars. Are you ready to drive your carwash forward?

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