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How to make Investment Worthwhile

If you are thinking about starting a business with car washes, you should consider various aspects in advance to make your investment worthwhile and to quickly recoup the initial outlay. We have summarized the most important points for you here so that you can approach the task of setting up your business in an organized way.

1. Location is everything

The location of a car wash is the most important thing for its success. For example, it can be on a main street, ideally on a corner, that invites drivers to turn off with its wide entrance. An alternative is the proximity to large companies, who have many vehicles and have them washed regularly. Being located next to gas stations, garages or shopping centers is also a good idea – this is where you attract customers who are either busy with their cars or want to get them washed, while other family members take care of the shopping.

2. Find the right system

Different types of washing systems are suitable for different locations. Which would be the right one in your case, depends on many individual factors. The experts at Mark VII are happy to assist you in choosing the right car wash for your location. You may want to know about the different types of car washes, the forms of dirt you can expect in your area, and the types of car that are likely to use the facility. You also want to know about the expected daily volume of washes, the planned working hours and your view on optional washes. This also includes aspects like the climate in your area. Based on your information, the experts can advise you very precisely which washing systems would be suitable for your purposes.

3. Planned approach to financing

Once you have determined which type of car wash would be worth your while, you should collect various information for the purchase. These include the purchase or lease agreement for the site on which the installation is to be installed, or the extract from the land registry, if it already belongs to you. In addition, it is important to register the business and prepare the business plan. The latter includes your planning documents, the concept for the overall financing including the profitability calculation as well as the financing confirmation from the house bank. In addition, the credit report information is necessary and a self-disclosure including asset statement.

4. Use different types of advertising

It is best to advertise your car wash before the grand opening – to celebrate the opening, for example, you can announce that every customer can try out the new car wash at a special rate, such as five euros, on the first day. Those who are satisfied and find the car wash easily accessible, will gladly come back

However, there are also numerous marketing options for ongoing operations that you should take full advantage of. For more details, refer to the section in this article about general marketing and in this article about online marketing. The most important things here again in brief:

  • Make it an eye-catcher! Flags, posters or a striking mural attract peoples' attention to the station.
  • Advertising in regional magazines and radio stations as well as on public advertising space in the area ensures that you are never forgotten.
  • Teaming up with other local businesses, such as petrol station operators or garage owners or car dealerships, will give you additional customers.
  • You can easily advertise discounts and other customer-friendly promotions on Social Media.

End-to-end planning leads to success

If you already consider all the important aspects regarding the location of the site and the expected clientele in the early planning phase, you can create a detailed and confidence-inspiring business plan. In conjunction with the secured financing, this ensures that the dream of your own company can come true. As soon as you get the green light for the implementation, your creativity is required to spread the word about your car wash as far as possible, to entice customers through attractive deals and to gain their long-term loyalty to your company by providing a quality service. If you do everything right, step by step, you will recoup your investment costs in a relatively short period of time, and your car wash business will yield profits.