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Environmental Protection

Responsibility to the environment.

It's not just perfect washing results that your customers expect from a vehicle washing facility. But also environmentally sustainable technology and chemicals. This matches our claim – namely, that environmental aspects are an integral part of all our activities. In all areas of our business – from the administration to the resource management in the production department through to transport and recycling.

Active for the environment. Today and in future.

Responsible behavior with regard to the environment is a priority at WashTec/Mark VII. By implementing ongoing improvements in all areas, we aim to extend our position as leading providers of environmentally responsible car wash products and services. We have already made significant progress in recent years through our systematic approach to this topic.

Energy demand.

The vehicle fleet accounts for the largest portion (64%) of WashTec/Mark VII's overall energy demand. By equipping the service vehicles with GPS navigation systems, which enable our staff to plan the best possible route, we drive down our fuel consumption as far as possible.

Extensive modernization measures undertaken on our buildings have allowed us to significantly reduce heat losses. To heat them, we use energy-efficient systems such as energy recuperation measures, air recirculation, district heating, control technology and building insulation.

The electricity for our company headquarters and our main production site in Augsburg is generated by up to 34% from renewable energies. A value that is significantly higher than the German national average.

Recycling & Waste Prevention

The prevention and recycling of waste is a high priority in our company. Today, virtually all the raw materials from which are systems are made can be recycled. When our car washes reach the end of their useful life, we ensure that they are properly dismantled and recycled along with any waste materials. 

Even the requirements specifications for the development of a WashTec/Mark VII system include specific guidelines to ensure their efficient recyclability. This in turn enables us to achieve maximum level of reusability.

Minimized Fresh Water Demand

For automatic car wash equipment, water is an essential and expensive resource. WashTec/Mark VII is making continuous progress with regard to water consumption. For example, the amount of fresh water consumed by WashTec/Mark VII car washes decreases with every new system generation. And the use of water recovery systems further reduces the amount of fresh water required for vehicle washing, so we recommend our customers invest in reclaim systems even if they're not required to by local ordinance.

Equipped for the future
WashTec/Mark VII car washes are an environmentally friendly alternative to washing cars by hand because they consume significantly less water. In markets where environmental standards are less strict or where water is particularly scarce, we expect to see increasing regulation of water use.

In Northern Europe, for example, environmental regulations are already strict and hand washing banned. Yet in Scandinavia WashTec has been awarded the "Nordic Swan" environmental award for its exceptionally eco-friendly water conditioning systems and vehicle washing facilities.

Optimized Production Processes

Whether at WashTec production plants in Augsburg and Recklinghausen or at our subsidiaries in the U.S., in China and the Czech Republic, we have optimized production processes to minimize environmental impact at all our production sites.

This is documented by our numerous awards and certificates. WashTec has been ISO 14001 certified since as far back as 2000. ISO certification defines globally recognised requirements with regard to environmental management systems. The observance of the requirements is audited at regular intervals. The certificate has to be renewed every three years. 

There are no significant emissions of pollutants at our plant site in Augsburg. The production processes are mainly confined to sheet metal working with a modern machine outfit and to the final assembly of components. By filtering all the waste gases and air produced we reduce the emission of pollutants to the minimum technically feasible. 

The WashTec environmental label is used to identify all products and product components that are exceptionally environmentally sound and resource-efficient.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted Partnership

Mark VII partners with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. For every Mark VII Equipment sale, we donate 5 trees to wherever they are needed most in the world. 

To read more about our partnership with One Tree Planted, click here.

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