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Tunnel Systems For Auto Dealerships

How installation of a tunnel system has become the ideal option for a dealership or vehicle rental operation

Tunnel Systems for Auto Dealerships

By Pierre Yves LeClercq, Vice President of Business Development

As auto dealerships build new facilities or upgrade existing locations, many are moving from hand washing customer vehicles to automated carwash equipment. In the past, rollover equipment was the primary option for dealerships. Now, a recent addition to the Mark VII equipment lineup makes the installation of a tunnel system an excellent option for a dealership or vehicle rental operation.

The SoftLine Drive-Thru® tunnel system is designed for auto dealerships and rental operations that require a higher vehicle through-put than a rollover can provide. Where a rollover machine can wash a vehicle every three minutes, the tunnel system can deliver a clean, shiny car in as little as 50 seconds. The higher through-put obtainable with a tunnel provides a better way to handle the traffic during peak moments of the day when everyone wants their car back.

We build both the SoftLine Drive-Thru and our commercial carwash equipment to the same exacting standards. Both use the same robust design and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. We utilize the same closed-foam brushes and brush systems.

Like our newest commercial systems, the SoftLine Drive-Thru is all-electric, which is cleaner and more economical to operate. Our brushes are controlled by a frequency converter, enabling the operator to adjust them to achieve the precise level of cleaning you desire. Since many dealerships service their own equipment, we make the carwash easy to operate and service, using electric components that are widely available.

So, how does the SoftLine Drive-Thru differ from our commercial carwash equipment? The SoftLine Drive-Thru does not utilize a conveyor. Instead, your attendant drives the vehicle through the wash.

Our standard SoftLine Drive-Thru is equipped with three brushes – a roof brush and two wraps. However, you can choose a five- or seven-brush configuration. Dealerships handling luxury brands will often opt for five brushes and add wheel brushes. You also have the option to add an RO system for a spot-free rinse and a dryer system.

Automation delivers the speed, quality and consistency you’re looking for when returning a clean and shiny car to your customer. Now you have even more carwash equipment options designed to fit the specific needs of your dealership or rental operation.

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